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  • Art of War Gaming is a international community of gamers. Most of our gamers utilize our teamspeak/discord service. If you plan on using teamspeak/discord, please be aware of these rules. It is our goal to bring a safe and fun gaming environment to all of our friends.


    No Music: Please don't play music out loud or in your mic as it is very annoying to users and in most cases, people don't want to hear it.

    Microphones: Please check your mic quality as to not disturb other players. When playing games, please use "push-to-talk" at all times.

    Nicknames: We do request you use your in-game name. However; if you do want to use another name then please make sure to follow these guidelines:

    • Does not contain inappropriate language.
    • Does not impersonate anyone.
    • Does not impersonate staff members.
    • Is appropriate and not offensive towards others.
    • Does not include any letter(s) and a bunch of spaces afterwords, followed by your actual name.
    • Does not include an excessive use of special characters or characters that changes the height of your name.

    If you are found doing any of the above, then you will be asked to change your name by a moderator or admin.


    Avatars: Art of War Members can give themselves a custom avatar when their name is clicked, so please make sure your picture is appropriate and doesn't contain racist or inappropriate images as these can also get you removed from the server.

    Channel Hopping: Hopping/switching repeatedly between channels in a fast manner is disturbing to other members. Please do not do this.

    Links: Sending links that contain porn websites, phishing websites or anything that can harm a user''s computer or are considered inappropriate can result in account removal. We want our guest feel safe while being in teamspeak/discord.

    Spam: We are all adults, please use caution when sending messages via text or pokes. If you need to contact an admin, do so via one pm or leave them an offline message. 

    Harassment: We do have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to harassment. If you are being harassed, please contact an admin.

    Solicitation: We have a zero tolerance policy when it come to solicitation. Do not solicit for real money or in game currency to any member on our voice comms.

    AFK Rules: AFK rooms have been designated throughout the server. If you plan to be AFK for more than 30 mins, please move to the appropriate room. If you have been AFK for more than 30 mins, a moderator or admin can move you to the AFK room, or kick you from server for violating the AFK rule.

    Reports and Appeals: Bans appeals and reports can be submitted on our website in our "Petition Admin Decision" forum.