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    Do you like coffee?

    I'm not a fan of coffee at all honestly. Even with creamer it's still way too strong tasting and I prefer to get my caffeine fix from Soda honestly. I know coffee has more caffeine than soda, but I don't like the taste.
  2. Ravenisawesome

    American Horror Story

    So is anyone here a fan of AHS? I am, I actually started watching it this year I know it's a bit late but better late than never. I personally like Freakshow and Coven the most, with Hotel honestly being my least favorite. (I get that it's still currently airing, but I feel that this season is dragging on honestly... that and there's quite a bit of gore. The first episode had more gore in it than any other season...) If you haven't checked this series out yet, I highly recommend it. It's on Netflix, that's actually how I watched previous season.
  3. Ravenisawesome

    Why did you choose your username?

    I thought you picked flash because you liked the superhero. xD Anyways I picked my username simply because I love Raven from Teen Titans and well she's awesome! xD I came up with this username back when I first joined Titansgo.net, a now read only old Teen Titans fan site. Since most Raven related usernames were taken, I stuck with this one.
  4. Ravenisawesome

    Hey everyone!

    Hey how's it going everyone allow me to introduce myself. You may call me Ravenisawesome or simply Raven for short. I've been a gamer since I was 4 years old, and I'm currently 25 years old now. While I'm more into retro gaming myself, I do enjoy playing my PS4 and playing games on Steam from time to time too. Along with video games, I love cartoons as well with Teen Titans and Steven Universe being my two ultimate favorites. Lately I've been binge watching the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers too, since I'm a sucker for these old 90's live action shows. (And I used to watch the show when I was a kid too, so it brings back memories. xD) Anywho it's nice to meet you all and I look forward to getting to know everyone on the forum.