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  1. @Claraviolet - are you having issues uploading your avatar?
  2. leefish

    What kind of computer do you have?

    I have : an ancient laptop (13 years old) that runs linux, a big desktop pc on win7 and a raspberry pi running OSMC hooked up to my tv to play movies
  3. leefish

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello Clara, welcome to ArtofWar
  4. leefish

    Humble Bundle

    Super useful thanks Erich PS - is the upload to imgur not working?
  5. leefish

    When You're Not Gaming

    I make websites I also love to cook.
  6. leefish

    Avengers: Age of Ultron

    I liked some of the Avengers movies, just not a huge fan of them. I dont think I will bother seeing it in the cinema - wait for streaming instead
  7. leefish

    Maleficent Movie

    I dunno. Maleficent is BAD. She turns into a dragon and blitzes everything. Maleficent as a misunderstood victim of the cruel society she lives in? Fighting back against the meanies by becoming one? Please.
  8. leefish

    What phone do you have?

    I like the S4 - its a great size and I enjoy using it, but I rarely use it for web browsing; I use my tablet or PC for that.