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    London Terrorist Attacks

    A terrorist rammed a car into several pedestrians and then got out and stabbed a police officer at the Parliaments in London. 3 people have been confirmed as dead. Horrible news and absolute awful thing has happened. Hope these terrorist idiots get the punishment they deserv
  2. kingcool52

    Lego Worlds

    It has a small story at the beginning to teach the players how to use the different features and stuff. But most of the time you can just do whatever you want and build whatever you want with an unlimited number of lego bricks
  3. kingcool52

    Consoles vs PCs

    I'm on console, PS4 to be precise although I would love to have a gaming PC one day. I would love to be able to mod my games like being able to enhance the graphics on Grand Theft Auto V
  4. kingcool52

    First Gaming Console

    I can't even remember my first console to be honest because I think it was one of those little kiddy consoles that had a few games already installed on them and you could only play those. I remember playing Super Mario on it
  5. kingcool52


    I have a Nintendo DS but I don't really use it. I gave it to my little sister but she barely plays it anymore either. I think the popularity of handheld consoles have drastically dropped recently
  6. kingcool52


    I used to read quite a lot but not anymore. I just don't have the time to spend reading books anymore. I think my favourite book series probably has to be Percy Jackson
  7. Just a little problem I encountered. Everytime I click submit when posting a new message/topic I get a chrome page saying Site can't be reached. I then have to go back and then click submit again for the message to be posted
  8. kingcool52

    What are you listening to?

    67 - Waps
  9. kingcool52


    Love a good pizza but I hate how these large companies charge so much for their pizzas when they aren't even that amazing. Best for me has to probably be Papa Johns. Both Pizza Hut and Dominoes are quite disappointing
  10. kingcool52

    sky diving?

    Not off a building but I would love to sky dive out of a plane. It's been one of those things that I would like to do before I die.
  11. kingcool52

    GTA 4

    Loved Grand Theft Auto 4. Would love it even more if they bought a remastered version for the Xbox One and PS4. It would literally probably be more popular than GTA V solely because of how much more fun the multiplayer was
  12. What song are you currently listening to? And what platform are you using to listen to it? Currently listening to a song called Big Lie by Post Malone using Spotify
  13. kingcool52

    Lego Worlds

    So Lego Worlds came out recently for both the Xbox One and Playstation 4. Did anyone else buy the game and what are your thoughts of it? I thought it was quite cool although it got a bit boring for me recently. I mainly prefer playing online and a lack of a proper multiplayer function in the game doesn't appeal to me
  14. kingcool52

    What Game(s) are you Playing Now?

    I'm on PS4 and the only games I'm currently playing regurlarly are Battlefield 1, FIFA 17 and Grand Theft Auto Online. I have been playing a bit of Lego Worlds but not as much to be honest
  15. I think the only suggestion I can think of right now is to just make the header slightly smaller. Because its in a fixed position it takes up quite a bit of space while scrolling the forum.