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  1. jsir1998

    Do you guys play any sport?

    Not really. I normally exercise by enjoying nature, taking walks and sometimes running. Maybe I should take up track...
  2. How did you come up with your username if you have a creative one? Mine was a combination of my name (Jackson), a random word/a word to describe my friendly and polite personaliy (sir), and the year I was born (1998). I came up with it when I was 12 years old (in 7th grade back in 2010), and have used it since.
  3. jsir1998

    What phone do you have?

    HTC Desire 510. I am on prepaid but the only thing I don't like about my phone is the pre-loaded stuff eating all the internal space. I tried deleting some with a junkware remover, since my phone is rooted but it just made the phone restart.
  4. jsir1998


    erich wrote: Hey Jackson! Welcome to Art of War Gaming! You'll find we're a very friendly community here so feel free to post or ask any questions you'd like. Thanks! Call me Jack if you want, but I prefer Jackson. It does look nice so far. Hope I like it further down the line. I just really started gaming recently like I said, so this is a good start for me.
  5. jsir1998


    Hi, my name is Jackson. I just turned 17 years old, and I love gaming. I haven't been gaming for long but I'm getting better every day. My favorite game so far is Call of Duty and my other interests include anime, manga, drawing, writing and music. My favorite anime is Bleach and I really love electronic and EDM music. I'm a very friendly kid so feel free to start a conversation with me. Thank you!