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  1. Jones


    Welcome Allena!
  2. Jones

    Hey Everyone!

    Hi Anorak! I liked the Hunger Games books as well. I'm a big fan of dystopian books, movies, whatever else
  3. Jones

    Game of Thrones

    Yeah, us too. I think we started watching it when they were halfway through season 4. I mean, we started with season 1, but while we were watching 1, they were airing 4. We have seasons 1-4 on DVD.
  4. Jones

    Favorite Animal?

    I love bears. Last year when we were at the zoo, the brown bear was so cute! He was in the water, floating on his back right up by the glass. Putting his paw against it for people to touch, it seemed I just love bears, they are so cute. (Yes, I realize they are dangerous too, lol). On the domestic side, I'm definitely a dog person. I don't really dislike cats, we have one after all, but I strongly prefer dogs (which we have 2 of).
  5. Jones

    Do you like coffee?

    Nope. I hate coffee. It's gross. Don't like tea either, hot or iced. Pepsi is my drink of choice, lol.
  6. I like all the Zelda music, but this is probably my favorite. I still find myself randomly whistling it, and I haven't played the game in years YYvzMX0Dj3s
  7. Yeah, the self-portrait is one of my favorites as well
  8. I love M.C. Escher. My avi is Drawing Hands, a work of his from 1948.
  9. Jones

    When You're Not Gaming

    I read. I also make digital scrapbooking stuff. I have an Etsy shop for it.
  10. Jones

    Jurassic World (spoilers)

    I think I'm definitely in the minority when it comes to people my age, but I really didn't like the original, so have little desire to watch this one, lol. My husband wants to see it though, so I'm sure I'll watch it eventually
  11. Has anyone seen it yet? I'm so excited to see it, but haven't got a babysitter, and my 3 year old never stops talking. I think she'd sit and watch it, she likes the Marvel movies, she'd just talk the whole time
  12. Jones


    A little late, but welcome Jackson!
  13. Well, it's not that interesting, but Jones is a shortened form of what I used for years, jones7659. Jones is a nicknamed my family has called me since I was little, and 7659 is the house number of a place I lived way back when.
  14. Jones

    Maleficent Movie

    I liked it. I like when villains get to be the "good guy". And the art (effects, sets, costuming) were great.