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  1. golddisk

    Hero, Commander, and Ruler in one game?

    This sounds like an interesting idea for a game. The closest game to this that I have played is probably "Heroes and Generals" (I think that is what it was called). This game was a World War II based FPS. You could be either a solider (the heroes) or, once a high enough rank, a commander (the generals). The commander could set objectives, spawn in special bonuses such as vehicles, and direct things like mortar fire. The game didn't run well for me so I didn't play it for very long.
  2. golddisk

    Lego Worlds

    Not only did I not get this game, but I didn't even hear anything about it. What type of game is it and what do you do in it? If it is a building type game I guess that could be a kind of cool idea.
  3. golddisk

    First Gaming Console

    What was the first gaming console you ever owned? For me, it was the Super Nintendo (SNES). To this day, I still remember having to blow out the cartridges every once and awhile. I had that for a couple of years before upgrading to the PlayStation.
  4. golddisk

    Consoles vs PCs

    Which type of gamer are you, consoles or PC? I know both sides sometimes debate their arguments pretty fiercely and I've even heard some people who are really into PCs call out console gamers are not being serious gamers. I don't think that is true, and I think each has their pros and cons. Personally I am more a console person, simply because I can buy a console at an affordable price whereas if I wanted to get a good gaming computer, it is going to cost at least $300-$400 more then a console.
  5. golddisk

    For Honor

    Some of my friends have this game and suggested I get it. I don't really know much about the game, though. Has anyone here played it? How has your experience been with it if you have?
  6. golddisk

    last time you bought music CD?

    It has been quite awhile... Probably around 2010. It was AC/DC's new album Black Ice. Before that the last one I bought would have been around 2007ish. I actually bought two CDs close to that time period - The All American Reject's Move Along and the Red Hot Chili Pepper's Stadium Arcadium.
  7. golddisk


    I have a Samsung Nook E-reader/tablet. It is kind of like a combo of both with access to apps, a web browser, etc. I really only use it for reading and occasionally browsing the internet, though.
  8. golddisk

    What is you favorite PC game?

    Hmm, I've played a lot of great PC games over the years. I don't think I can narrow it down to just one. I really enjoy The Sims series and Sim City 4. The Sims has always been a better game on the PC then it has been on consoles, and The Sims 3 was truly amazing. I haven't bothered with The Sims 4, though. Sim City 4, despite being a game that is more then 10 years old, is still a great game too. Very enjoyable, although better city builders such as Cities: Skylines now exist. Another game that I have found I really enjoy is Civilization V. Talk about a massive and awesome game!
  9. golddisk

    Tom Clancy\'s Ghost Recon: Wildlands

    I haven't experienced this personally, but I've only played a couple of TC games - Siege, The Division, and Wildlands. So far my experience with the game has been pretty good but I do find it to get a little repetitive. Also, the driving mechanics could be a little better. It feels like the car is floating when you drive. Ubisoft games that involve driving always seem to end up like that, though.
  10. golddisk

    What Game(s) are you Playing Now?

    What games are you consistently playing at the moment? Currently I have been playing GTA V, Battlefield 1, and Rainbow Six Siege, all for the Xbox One. I also have been playing the Minecraft Xbox One Edition on and off over the past several weeks.
  11. golddisk

    Dumb ways to die

    I've heard of it, but it is not a game I have ever played. I don't play many mobile games, and if I do, I generally find myself only playing them for a few weeks or so and then getting bored with them.
  12. golddisk


    I noticed a lot of people here seem to enjoy reading when they are not gaming. What are you reading right now? Do you have a favorite series or book? At the moment I am reading One Second After. I just started it a few days ago and so far it has my attention. My favorite series, though, is definitely Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan and Jack Ryan Jr. series. I still read the books that are published under his name, even though others are writing them.
  13. golddisk


    I do like pizza, but I don't really care for Domino's or Pizza Hut's pizza. Near where I live we have tons of local mom & pop shops, some of which are much better then the big chain ones in my opinion. In terms of toppings, I do like just a basic cheese and pepperoni, but I also enjoy sometimes have sausage in place of the pepperoni. I also like chicken finger pizzas.
  14. I feel like this game has been getting quite hyped up over the past few months. Hopefully it turns out to be a good game, but the hype surrounding it is becoming a bit reminiscent of The Division, which I didn't think was really all that bad, but it does get repetitive and I know a lot of others didn't end up caring much for it. The fact they are having vehicles will be interesting as well. I find Ubisoft isn't always that great with vehicle control/feedback in their games (look at the Watchdog games) but hopefully this is something they will have improved.
  15. golddisk


    The first and last handheld I ever got was the Nintendo DS. I haven't played it in years, but my younger cousin loves playing it when she comes over. Microsoft never got into it because it simply wasn't worth it. If I'm not mistaken, Sony has pulled out of the market as well... I'm quite sure I remember seeing a couple of years back that they stopped making the PSP.