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  1. Trump hired a racist?!?! NO!

  2. So cold in Japan this morning!

  3. With the recent discussions about the classes, I'm curious to see what class everyone will play. I'm personally gonna try the mage -> archewizard or warlock out. What class do you intend on playing?
  4. How I feel leaving the plane after a 14 hour flight home . . .

  5. It is the best a man can get HAHA

  6. 20 hours in downtown New Orleans tomorrow. Woot!

  7. Hallelujah . . good for me

    Deuce "The Juice" is glad Berry is an orphan...makes it easier.
  8. Classypax playing as Deuce "The Juice" Montgomery kidnaps Berry.
  9. Reggie sharing "The Prophecy" with Gary.
  10. I woke up this morning and asked myself "how does it feel to be fucked over by your government". Well, not good....not good.

  11. Well, it's officially "True". There really is a remix for everything. This one is even on Spotify.