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  1. empire


    used to own one but it didn't last and it was very cheap
  2. empire

    Dumb ways to die

    haha and I haven't even heard of it before lol I don't play mobile games really
  3. empire

    Game suggestions please

    I played some good games that are also linked to xbox for my low end phone Angry birds are one of them that is very fun to play and should check it out
  4. empire

    GTA 4

    I love the game also played hours after hours on it and it's very cool however since GTA 5 is out GTAIV has slowed down allot and know you can play online with mods and more supported mods works GTAIV is near to death
  5. empire

    Sony or Microsoft competing...

    To be honest I don't think that we will see much at all.
  6. How many people in total that joined teamspeak
  7. empire

    site info We Add SSL Protection

    Cool. Is it free and who did you went with
  8. empire

    Hey all

    However that I feel like a happy bunny ? hello and welcome ?
  9. empire


    Hello and welcome
  10. empire

    sky diving?

    Seen car diving into a bank or fish pond. However on tope gear, yep! A mini flying to the ground and so forth.
  11. empire

    last time you bought music CD?

    Napster baby yeah definitely remember and deeply nevertheless forget. What I did for a second
  12. empire

    Empire Here

    Hello guys
  13. empire

    Real Or Fake Tree?

    I don't have a tree, can't remember the last time. Probably 8 years ago
  14. empire

    Last thing you ate & drank?

    Yogurt. I have icecream in the freezer for two weeks and still not opened