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  1. demonskeith


    Anyone here play the shante genie series? If so which game is your favorite?
  2. demonskeith

    Favorite FPS

    What is your most favorite First Person shooter game that you enjoy playing often?
  3. demonskeith

    Longest you played

    What video game have you clocked the most hours in?
  4. demonskeith

    Miss having

    What old console did you have and eventually gave up and currently miss having?
  5. demonskeith

    Kill time with

    What kind of mobile game do you enjoy playing the most to kill time with?
  6. demonskeith

    Work out?

    How often do you work out to stay in shape and become healthy?
  7. demonskeith

    Dodge Ball

    Anyone here a fan of dodge ball? Do you play it often?
  8. demonskeith

    Worst Food

    What do you feel is the worst food out there to see, smell or eat?
  9. demonskeith

    Sound Horizon

    Anyone here enjoy the band Sound Horizon or their sister band Linked Horizon?
  10. demonskeith

    HDD or SSD

    What kind of storage do you enjoy using the most? Classic HDD or the more expensive SSD?
  11. demonskeith

    Final Fantasy

    Anyone here play the FF series? If so what are your favorite games out of the long running series?
  12. demonskeith

    Looking forward to

    What video games are you currently looking forward to that will release in the near or far future?
  13. demonskeith

    What phone do you have?

    I'm currently using a samsung note 4 which is almost 3 years old now. Been a good phone.
  14. demonskeith

    Microsoft Hololens

    I've seen it before and does seem amazing, won't be much longer till holograms are everywhere.
  15. demonskeith

    Favorite Animal?

    I've always liked wolfs, not that I like to be near one mind you but I like how they are used in media.