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  1. davao


    Hi there. My name is David and I live in the UK. I currently work as an IT Technician and have a passion for sports and gaming. I love gaming, so this forum will be great for me.
  2. davao

    Favorite series?

    There are a lot of different games series I love and like. The GTA series, I enjoy because you can do whatever you like in that series and basically make havoc everywhere. I also love the WWE series because each game is different and they all have different wrestlers you can play with from different generations. I really love the FIFA series. Football is something I love in real life and to play it in a video game is wonderful.
  3. davao

    sky diving?

    No I wouldn't because I have a fear of heights. I wouldn't even go if I got paid too, I'm scared. I'm pretty sure that some members in my family would love to go. It's a once in a lifetime experience for them! Also, it'd probably so expensive too do it, so I don't think anybody would be going anytime soon! I'm not the hugest fan of extreme sports.
  4. davao

    Favorite place to eat?

    Some of the favourite places I like to go to is Nando's because the food there is fantastic and I don't think the prices are really expensive. Their customer service is great too. I also like going out to the Italian restaurants, I'm a huge fan of pasta, so I like going to them. I really don't like fast food at all, so I never bother there!
  5. davao


    I love pizzas because there is so many different types of them. I usually like the 12 inch pizzas from Dominoes. Also I really love the stuffed crust pizzas because they're so nice and tasty! The prices of pizzas from Dominoes are quite expensive unfortunately, so I don't have them often. My favorite is Ham and Pineapple. Sweet and sour are mixed both together.
  6. davao


    Anime is something I really don't like. It's not my cup of tea. I have tried to watch it and not really enjoying it. I should try and watch some more and see if I can be able to get back into it.
  7. davao

    FIFA 17

    This game has improved a lot this year. The gameplay has been incredible and fantastic, because it has the frostbite engine. Pro clubs have been finally updated after years and years of it been requesting. Career Mode still lacks a bit unfortunately, but I hope they improve it for next year. Ultimate team is great again because of the new additions, which are SBC's and Fut Champions, it makes the game really enjoyable. Have you played FIFA 17?
  8. davao

    GTA 4

    This is one of my favorite games in the series. GTA 4 is great because the characters are really funny and hilarious, especially Roman. The missions are also fantastic, as there are different variety of them. I also loved playing online there was different type of things to play online. I still play it to this day and have a lot of fun enjoying it.
  9. davao

    WWE 2K17

    WWE 2k17 is a great game. There are lots of reasons why I liked the game. WWE 2K17 is great because it has a MyCareer Mode in it and takes you through a fantastic journey of what it's like to be a superstar. I also really love the customisation in the game because you can make a lot of different things in the game from rings to superstars. The gameplay is also great. Have you played it before?