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    American Horror Story

    American Horror Story, check-in This is yet another example of, just how good American Horror Story is, which portraits the awesomeness of the content without making it totally gross(Didn't mean it in the negative way as most of the horror series contain gross stuff like gore and such). It contains totally gross content but somehow American Horror Story producers achieved in creating an awesome show with that. The clock ticks at 2:25. Even though it is an old trick but the concept never lost it's charm. I like the old settings and this show displays the stuff which are really old. I also like the frozen look of the countess. Somehow it's elegant and also scary. I like AHS
  2. Will you add "other/online" prefixed in general category of games we play. I do play miniclip games from time to time and those are online games and some of them are multiplayer games. So, other category or online category would fit them perfectly. Also, if possible, I would like to suggest a new introduction forum. It's easy to keep track of new people that way. Thanks in advance and you have done a good job so far!
  3. Claraviolet


    erich, post: 68, member: 1 wrote: OH, yeah Overlord is a great one! I am ready for season two. The first season was really great. Its about this guy who gets trapped as his video game character. He basically becomes the avatar he created and his NPCs come to life. You should check it out when you have a chance, I think you'll really like it. Well, it sounds like Sword art online anime. Almost the same concept and SAO is really overrated. I will give overlord a try. I have been thinking about giving log horizon a try too. It's related to video gaming concept too. So, what are you watching these days? I am watching akame ga kill as of now.
  4. Claraviolet

    Clash Royale

    Looks like it's quite popular. I am quite busy and as it an online game, I don't think I can give you enough support as a clan member. If I ever get some time to myself, I would love to join your clan. Does this game require too much processing power? If not, I would like to install it in my mobile phone for the time being and give it a try now and then.
  5. Claraviolet

    Game suggestions please

    I am bored of normal games and I would like to try new and different concept games a try. I would like you guys to recommend some games to me. If possible I would like those games to be lightweight applications that can function without using more processing power. My mobile got a 32 gb micro sd card and it's a samsung galaxy a5. Well then, hope to see some game names that are quite unique
  6. Claraviolet

    Dumb ways to die

    I have been playing this game for a while now. So far I have unlocked 4 characters or so. I can't really keep up with this game for long. Even though the games are pretty simple, it's not at all easy to win these games. So, anybody else like this game here? You should give this game a try if you are a mobile gamer. Also, the theme song is quite good and funny.
  7. Claraviolet

    Crossed wires in 101 games

    I have been trying to win this game for a week now. I just can't seem to understand how I can move the nodes such that they don't intersect each other. Anybody else played this game here? How did you complete this game? This is the only game in the second level that I couldn't complete in 101 games.
  8. Claraviolet

    When You're Not Gaming

    Well, I would spend all the remaining time watching anime. It's my favorite past-time and I love anime of shonen, horror, seinen genres. I have completed watching all the cool anime like one piece, naruto, bleach etc. and sometimes, it's a pain to wait for one whole week to watch an episode If I am not watching anime then, I would be reading some novels for sure
  9. Claraviolet

    Last thing you ate & drank?

    Well, this is a bit hard for me to answer as I had my dinner and all. Let's see now. I had some rice, Popeye, grapes, some traditional sweets, water and hot stuff. Its kinda difficult to name them in English as we call them in our own language. We refer to the hot as garalu and sweets as jeedepappupalkam sweet. I know, It's difficult to even understand the word but they are really delicious
  10. Claraviolet

    Why did you choose your username?

    Well, my best friend used to call me clara. She is a big fan of heidi. As she loves my voice, she gave me that name. Even though I don't know where she is right now, I kinda remember her. As for violet, I love that sound, color and the name. So, I combined both of them and got the present username. It's a bit unique and I have been using the same username is various sites, for 6 years now.
  11. Claraviolet


    Are you a manga reader erich? I have heard about naruto's ending from various users, even though I am not a manga reader. So, what about you? Are you okay with this ending? As for me, I hate that ending. Kishimoto can do better than that. Now, tell me more about this overlord I am watching shaman king as of now
  12. I know that it's not a pleasant question at all. But, it will help us in assigning priority to our tasks. I am supposed to visit a bank today, to deposit some amount in three bank accounts to keep them active. So, I should be getting ready right now. What about you guys? What should you be doing right now?
  13. Claraviolet

    What kind of computer do you have?

    I have a laptop and a desktop. My laptop's brand is dell where as my desktop's brand is hp. As for the processors my laptop's processor(i5 processor) is superior to my desktop's processor(i3 processor).
  14. Claraviolet

    What's the story behind your avatar?

    Well, I believe Itachi Uchiha from Naruto is the real hero hidden in the darkness. He sacrificed everything for the sake of his little brother and also for his village. After witnessing that, I can't help but admire such character. So, I claim myself as Itachi in this virtual world. I have been using his avatar for six years now
  15. Claraviolet


    erich wrote: I'm a huge fan of Naruto and Hunter x Hunter I have heard about Hunter X Hunter. I believe it has a remake too. I will check that out sometime. As for naruto, after itachi's death, I lost interest in it and now I am thinking of picking up it again. Looks like most of the users hate naruto's ending. What about you erich?