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  1. Half Life. I love Half Life. It's probably one of my favorite PC games, mainly because of it's interesting plot, characters and level design. So I thought having Gordon Freeman as an avatar would be fitting.
  2. Anorak


    I use a small ASUS tablet for things like watching youtube, movies and games. I also have an e-reader which I don't use too much anymore, to be honest. I much prefer to read hard-copies of books.
  3. Anorak

    Microsoft Hololens

    Anyone heard of this amazing piece of technology? If not, it's a headset Microsoft is working on that is much like the VR headset Valve is helping to create, however this will create real-time holograms. It looks really cool and it's a piece of technology I'm really looking forward to. Has anyone else heard of the Microsoft Hololens? If so, are you looking forward to its release? If you haven't heard of this tech, make sure to check out it's 'trailer' of sorts below: aThCr0PsyuA
  4. Anorak

    Hey Everyone!

    Hello everyone! My name is Anorak and I'm currently 14 years of age (turning 15 in August) and living in Queensland, Australia. I love to read, write, play games, make games and draw, especially in the genre of pixel art. My favourite game is Halo 3 and my favourite book would have to either be Skulduggery Pleasant or the Hunger Games trilogy. See you guys around!