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    Two Factor Authentication FAQ

    Two-Factor Authentication is available for SMITE PC users logging in with a Hi-Rez Launcher Username. Two-Factor will NOT work for players who use Google or Facebook logins.

    Two-Factor Authentication FAQ


    Q. How does Two-Factor Authentication work?

    A. Once you login to the game launcher or one of Hi-Rez’ websites, an authentication code will be sent to you, which you will enter at the authentication page in order to login.


    Q. Why are only some countries receiving SMS support?

    A. Hi-Rez has acquired different local phone numbers for each of the countries listed in question 5 in order to avoid international texting costs for users. Based on usage and demand, additional countries may be added in the future.


    Q. Which Countries have SMS support?

    A. Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, South Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, and the United States


    Q. How do I disable Two-Factor Authentication?

    A. During Early Access testing, Two- Factor Authentication can be disabled by beta users at the Hi-Rez Account page on hirezstudios.com. When Two-Factor Authentication is released publically, there will be a section in the user’s Account on Hi-Rez websites that will allow the player to enable, modify, or disable Two-Factor Authentication.


    Q. What happens if I lose my phone or lose access to my e-mail account?

    A.  During the test, users who lose access to their Two-Factor Authentication method will need to make a Customer Support Ticket. When Two-Factor Authentication is released publicly, there will be an automated process to enable access recovery.


    Original Source: https://www.smitegame.com/news/two-factor-authentication

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