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    Star Wars: Battlefront II Data Miner Discovers Hidden Character Customization Menu

    A data miner on Reddit, known as uninspired_zebra, has discovered a hidden character customization menu within Star Wars: Battlefront II.

    Over the past two weeks, uninspired_zebra has been going through Battlefront II's files and finding things like Captain Phasma and General Grievance's character pages and models. This time, the data miner has discovered a hidden menu, with legion skin options like the 501st Legion and Coruscant Guard.

    It is unknown what EA and DICE plan to do with these assets or if they plan to be used at all, though it is exceedingly unlikely that they're cut content. They could be coming in the update scheduled to coincide with The Last Jedi, they could be intended to be dispersed through crates, or purchasable. 

    Check out the video of the menu below to see if anything catches your eye.

    (Please visit the site to view this media)

    [Source: r/BattlefrontTwo]


    Our Take
    This is a lot of cool stuff to see, so hopefully EA plans a good method of distributing it. It coming out alongside purchasable crystals being turned back on would not be a good look.



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