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    New Star Wars: Battlefront II Patch Adds More Reinforcements To Galactic Assault, Stops Boba Fett Exploits

    EA and DICE have just released notes for Patch 1.03, which they say covers issues they found as they wrapped up development on the game.

    To begin with, each phase of Galactic Assault now includes more reinforcements, a big change to help balance. It also includes a number of big and small bug fixes, like collision issues or doors not opening for Villains in the Heroes vs. Villains mode. The patch notes also mention that Boba Fett cannot just hover high in the sky above a capture point, which raises the question of how that got into release in the first place.

    The patch also fixed the issue with the post-match MVP screen, which will now recognize players based on scores rather than specific honors like had previously been implemented. The former method lead to things like this screenshot taken by @Campster of one player getting all the accolades at the end of the match.


    You can find the full patch notes here. Star Wars: Battlefront II was released earlier this month on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.



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