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    New Community Website

    New Community Website

    Welcome to our new community website! At first glance you might not notice a change. However; there are some significant changes.

    First, we have some cosmetic changes. We are happy to restore our legacy front page from our past community website. We have included our "Featured News" section at the top that includes three of the newest articles followed by 3 of the most recent. Below that, we have brought back our "Games We Play" featured news. We are still using content from gaming news sources such as Gamespot, IGN, and Steam. In the future, we will be reaching out to you, our community, for new and original content from the games you love to play.

    We have introduced our "Groups" feature. Groups are where you can create your own sub community here at Art of War Gaming. Think of it like a sub reddit. It will be your own little home here at Art of War Gaming geared towards your favorite content. Use it for game talk or create your own clan group for your clan needs. We have intentions to expand this as our community grows.

    Finally, we have updated our communications page and added our VoIP Code of Conduct (formerly known as Teamspeak Code of Conduct)

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