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    Patch Notes - 9/20/2017 - Bug Fixes & Game Improvements

    Hello, Wizards of Ignus! We once again find ourselves meeting here on a Wednesday, which can only mean that it’s time for our weekly patch! As you may have heard earlier this week in our livestream, today’s patch will not be bringing any new content into Ignus. Rather, we’ve decided to focus down on bug fixing, tidying up a bunch of the community’s most frequently reported issues.

    Firstly, we've made some major improvements to performance on servers with large populations and complicated structures. We'll be continuing to look into issues related to server performance degradation, but with today's patch you should hopefully notice a bump in stability.

    Next up, Flight Potions will now no longer fill your vision with thick black smoke! These potions were always designed for slow, deliberate flight for precision activities such as building and navigating tight areas. To improve their functionality for these purposes, we’ve taken your feedback to heart and reduced the amount of heavy smoke that these potions emit while in-use.

    We’ve also prepared a fix for Necrosis! Many members of the community have lamented the spell’s extreme damage output, requesting a re-evaluation of its balance. Upon investigation, we discovered a programmatic issue with how the spell’s damage was being handled by the game, and have resolved the issue. Necrosis should now no longer the only PVP-viable spell in your arsenal.


    Many players have found frustration with the Deconstructor, so we gave it a little love this week in two areas. Firstly, we've made it so the Deconstructor no longer dumps bags all over the place, and instead behaves more like the other magic structures. Secondly, we've fixed a bug that caused the Deconstructor to not work properly with stacked items. Now it will give you the full amount of resources for a stack of items, rather than behaving as if you only fed it one item.

    One last major improvement we’d like to highlight here is our fix for tames disappearing on server restarts. We’ve been wrestling with this issue for a while, but we’ve finally prepared a solution that should eliminate this problem for good. No longer will you return after an update to find your precious mounts have evaporated without a trace!

    There are so many fixes in this update that I’d like to highlight here – from major crash fixes and performance bumps, to magic structure upgrades and general quality of life improvements – but I think it’s best to let the patch notes speak for themselves. Take a look below at the list, and please feel free to share your feedback and thoughts on our forums! We will continue to digest everything you send us, and will use it to continue improving Citadel as we move forward on our Early Access journey!

    • Deconstructor no longer dumps bags everywhere
    • Deconstructor works properly with stacked items
    • Empty Magic Structures will now properly replenish mana when hooked up to a generator
    • Can now hold ‘E’ to completely fill a Mana Generator with Rune Crystal instead of having to tap multiple times
    • Necrosis’ extremely high damage has been reduced
    • Heal Beam’s power has been significantly increased
    • Fixed instances where Pacify could be stopped for seemingly no reason
    • Tamed creatures will now no longer disappear on server restart
    • Fixed an issue that caused mana drain to continue when transitioning from broom to mount
    User Interface
    • Fixed an issue causing players on Private/Custom servers to lose unlocked build menu options (This will prevent the issue from happening again, but won't fix users who are already affected. You can fix this by using admin commands to spawn in an Elixir of Amnesia and using it.)
    • Unequipping a Broomstick or Flight Potion now stops flight
    • Keybindings now properly persist between game sessions
    • Flight Potions no longer fill your vision with thick black smoke in first-person
    • Various crash fixes
    • Fixed issues where some players could not load into a server
    • Server performance improvements
    • Graphic performance improvements


    Source: https://steamcommunity.com/games/487120/announcements/detail/1462964767914740733

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