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I'm the one and only empire, that's right! I'm known to be empire allover the world wide web (www). So what can I tell you about me? Basic answer.






I'm a gamer that plays GTA and world of tanks and BF2 and other games that I not play much at all. I don't work, but I'm studying Certificate four in information technology, I already past one to three in information technology and Certificate two in business and administration. So that's why I'm doing allot of computers staff online, and Running my own two websites. One thing I like the most about IT, is computer hardware. I like to built PC from high to very high. I have two computers that cost be around 5K one of them is an Asus ROG gaming system that has 980m 16gb Ram and 256gb SSD (I did a video on it)






I like to Cook and I hate doing the house working and gardening, however I love to walk and keep myself fit, so I'm not fat. WordPress is what I know about (still learning every day about new things) and yeah.






thanks for reading

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Hey Empire! Welcome to Art of War gaming! We have a few players who are into Battlefield.






WOW Your computers sound like they can run about any game out there!

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