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  3. Brace yourselves, Mages: Halloween horror will soon be descending upon the realm of Ignus! Come this Wednesday, October 18th we’ll be adding a host of spoOoOoOoOoOoOoky new content to Citadel in celebration of everyone’s favorite freaky festivity. Spookified World! To really embrace the mood of the holiday we’ve cranked Ignus’ general freakiness up to 11. The nights are freakier, foggier and more terrifying than ever. Rumor has it that on some rare nights the moon shines blood red! Keep your wits about you, lest an Abomination tear you to shreds! Time-Limited Treats! After next Wednesday’s update it’s time to go trick-or-treating! Every camp and cave treasure chest in the world will have a chance to drop some terrifying time-limited goodies. Some will be common, some will be less so, and some will be downright rare! The event ends November 1st, so make sure you grab the goodies before the chance has truly ghosted! The most common of these temporary delights is a selection of delicious candies! Chow down on a variety of cloying sweet delights including Chocolate Kaltibur Crisps, Sweet Crowberry Gum, Chocolate Buffalo Duds and Sugar Sprite Sticks and enjoy a variety of Health Regen, Mana Regen and Movement Speed buffs! We’re also preparing a huge selection of fun and ghoulish costumes, masks and helmets to really help you get in the spirit of the holiday! Some of these items, ridiculous though they may seem, are actually extremely viable high-end armor items – scoop them up while you can! More details on these costume items to follow in the coming week, so stay tuned! Devilish Tricks! Need something to stop bad little raiders dead in their tracks? Introducing Trap Doors, Spike Pits and Acid Pools! Starting next week, you’ll be able to keep unwanted intruders on their toes. Place Trap Doors anywhere in your castle, and have them drop down to either a jagged Spike Pit or a bubbling Acid Pool! You can even get creative and use the Trap Doors as invisible, vertical entrance points for your castle! Want to hide the real entrance to your base with a secret floor piece that you have to swim underwater to reach? Now you can! We’ll share more visuals and details on these fantastic new construction pieces next week, so stay tuned for those details soon! Trap Doors, Spike Pits and Acid Pools are not time-limited, and will permanently be part of Citadel Much More! We'll have event more to share outside of the Halloween content once this major update drops next week! Stay tuned for more details soon! Source:
  4. IGN acquires Humble Bundle

    Terms of the deal weren't revealed, but Humble will continue to operate independently for now. The first Humble Bundle—the Humble Indie Bundle—was released in 2010, and the growth of the company behind it has been nothing short of remarkable since then, with more bundles (lots of bundles), deals with major publishers, a monthly subscription service, and a full-blown digital storefront. Today it underwent a major change of a somewhat different kind, as it announced that it has been acquired by IGN. "We chose IGN because they really understand our vision, share our passion for games, and believe in our mission to promote awesome digital content while helping charity," Humble Bundle co-founder Jeffrey Rosen said in the announcement. "I can’t think of a better partner than IGN to help Humble Bundle continue our quest." Importantly for gamers, Humble will continue to operate pretty much as it always has. "You can expect it to be business as usual, but better. The Humble Bundle our audience knows and love will continue to operate independently from IGN, with our current amazing team," co-founder John Graham said in an email. "IGN will support Humble Bundle with increased resources, allowing us to bring our community the best gaming bundles, book bundles, and store sales, while nurturing the Humble Monthly and our new publishing initiative, and donate more money to charity, more quickly than ever before." "If it ain't broke, don't fix it," IGN executive vice president Mitch Galbraith told Gamasutra. "The idea is just to feed them with the resources they need to keep doing what they're doing." That's a good approach to take, and I hope it sticks, although it's not really clear to me what more Humble would need to achieve that goal: Alongside its own remarkable growth over the past seven years, it's also raised more than $100 million for charity—now $106 million, Graham said. "And we plan to donate even more money to charity than ever before now that we’re part of the IGN family." Source:
  5. Devblog 181

    Map Additions Maurino Berry Now that the map is default, I feel like we have a bit more freedom to upgrade it as it's not classified as a piece of paper. Earlier this week I fixed the Vending Machine tooltips, so that if a blueprint was being sold/bought it would display (BP) next to it instead of just the item name, which was kind of misleading. While players can not currently draw on maps, this feature is enabled for mods, so they can add images to it to support their gameplay. A bug where these 'drawings' would persist across game sessions was fixed. Speaking of mods, I added a little bit of extra support for drawing a radius of any color on the map. This should help with gamemodes like Battle Royale, where they want to draw the radiation radius. Also, if you've ever had a hard time describing where something on the map was to a friend you should be happy with this next change. I've added a grid, with coodinates as an overlay to the map. It is off by default, and you can toggle it with the top left button. Each grid is 150x150 meters, and are lettered along the horizontal axis, and numbered along the vertical axis. It's a little bit ugly right now and has some minor artefacts when the map is in motion, but it works pretty well. One more thing, I added an explosion marker to the map wherever a crash site is. This is to say that whenever the Bradley or the helicopter are destroyed, a yellow and red explosion icon will appear on the map at the location of the crash site and will stick around for about 10 minutes. Have fun waiting for the fires to go out to get the loot now guys. Bradley Changes Maurino Berry Because the Bradley has a better load of loot, I've increased its respawn time so it only appears once every hour rather than every 15 minutes. I've also reduced the amount of ammunition it drops, making room for some other items, and I've slowed down its health regeneration. It will take 10 minutes before it starts to heal, and another 5 to completely heal. I guess I better finish its weapon systems, eh? Peacekeeper Fix Maurino Berry There was a terrible bug with peacekeeper mode: it didn't work. At all! Oops... This has since been resolved. Some people have asked me to remove the peacekeeper turret from shooting at animals. I kind of don't want to do that right now because they're not supposed to be outside in the open and this is somewhat of a deterrent for that. I'm not ruling it out completely, but for now you should keep them in private areas and not overlooking the beach, please. Airdrop Balance Maurino Berry I've changed the airdrop loot tables to be much much less likely to spawn "good" guns, such as rifles and SMGs, and instead much more likely to spawn lower tier weapons, like shotguns and ammunition. This is in an attempt to make the airdrop a PvP event for geared at lower-end players, while the launch site remains something for the higher-end clans. This will also help mitigate people with automatic weapons within the first 20 minutes of a server starting up. Launch Site Balance Maurino Berry It's not going to be perfect, but it'll be better than what we had. I've taken a stab at the launch site, let me know what you guys think. First and foremost: the Hazmat Suit no longer protects 100% against the highest tier of rads. That means the one cooling tower at the NPP and the top of the launch site will leak a little bit of radiation. You can't stay up there forever. Secondly, I nerfed elite crates a bit. They spawn half as many items, and one less spawns at the launch site. They also respawn every 2 hours instead of every 20 minutes. Thirdly, the Bradley loot table is now similar to that of the elite crates, and it drops 3 of them. This means you'll have to destroy it to get the good stuff. My thinking here is that you should have to invest what you have to get something better, so you need to use explosives on the Bradley to get some more advanced items out of it. By increasing the delay at the launch site, and removing the ability to camp it completely, large groups of players would have to wait in slightly more precarious places for longer amounts of time, increasing their exposure to errant shots from other players. I hope this gives people more of a chance to loot what is up there and they can instead focus on taking out the Bradley if they want a sure-thing. I'll listen to feedback and adjust this in the coming weeks, but this should be a good start. Blueprint Cost Changes Maurino Berry The Stone Spear and the Water Purifier are now both default blueprints as they should have been. Oops! The Ceiling Light, Guitar, and Planters, have all been reduced to a lower scrap tier. I've also changed the Flamethrower to require a level 2 workbench instead of level 1, so that people cannot endlessly flame wood bases. Although funny, this was a real problem. I've lowered the Hoodie and Pants to a lower scrap tier, so that they only require 75 scrap to research. Also, an attempt to make some more items viable was made. The Snow Jacket and Vagabond Jacket now only cost 50 cloth to craft instead of 100/200. I can't imagine where that number even came from, jeez. Cave Balance Maurino Berry Cave loot tables have been overhauled. You can expect to find fewer Miner Hats and Candle Hats, and the hats you do find will come with less Low Grade Fuel. It was ridiculous. I must have had about 800 stockpiled. You'll also find less HQM, (1-2 instead of a solid brick of 5). Lastly, I've added stone tools to the crate loot table, with a reasonably high chance; in exchange I've lowered the chance of finding salvaged tools in there. They are still in the loot table but you're going to find stone ones more often. Head Mounted Light Sources Maurino Berry You'll notice this patch that the candle hat is much dimmer. This is because there was an errant zero added to its light radius making it the brightest light source in the entire game other than the spotlight. Wow! It had a range of 50 feet. This has been fixed. I also fixed the bug with the miner hat where the emissive portion of it would remain on at all times when viewed by other players. This meant if you were wearing a miner hat and had it off, people could see your head like a beacon. Sorry about that. I've also added a blinding flare to the miner hat, similar to the flashlight. Maybe this will give you a very slight edge during combat, or perhaps it'll just act as a target. You decide. As mentioned elsewhere in the blog, I also added some minor protection to both pieces of headgear, The Candle Hat is the same as a cap, and the Miner Hat is the same as a Burlap Headwrap. Not much, but many times better than nothing. Workbench Exploit + Radius Maurino Berry I saw you on stream, Trausi. There was an exploit involving a chair and the workbench which would grant you workbench access anywhere on the server. This is now fixed. I've also increased the workbench radius by about three times, so you can move around a bit next to it while crafting. I had to add a visiblity check as well so that people couldn't use it who were outside your base. You can also rotate workbenches with the hammer if you somehow (???) place it the wrong way. This brings up the conversation regarding craft times. Some people have suggested making it the range of the tool cupboard, but thats kind of lame. I think instead we should just lower all items crafting times to no more than a few seconds, or at least add some kind of minigame that will complete it instantly. I'm sick of hearing about it and I guess its somewhat annoying in some cases. I will say that having no crafting time at all makes it feel less satisfying to craft something. We'll figure something out. Hat Protection Maurino Berry I've added protection values to the Boonie Hat, Cap, and Bandana. I'm happy about this because they look way cooler than the Burlap Headwrap and you can get as much if not a little more protection by stacking them. I also added some protection to the Miner hat and Candle hat, so they're not nearly as useless. Signs & Steam Items Maurino Berry I eff'd up the blueprint system a bit last week and all the Steam items, like Town Signs and Picture Frames, hats, etc., were not craftable, even though you had the Steam item. This is now fixed so you should see a bunch of "NEW!" items available when you fire up Rust. I also fixed a regression that was allowing these signs to be researched. You can now only craft them if you have the Steam item. They don't impact gameplay in any way, and are given out for free all the time just by playing, and they're also like 5 cents on the steam market, so I don't think this is a huge deal. Base Light Sources Maurino Berry It'll be a little easier to see inside your base at night now. Both Lanterns and Tuna lights are much brighter with a larger radius, and they're also cheaper to craft: the Lantern costs 25 Metal Fragments instead of 40. I also did some minor tweaks to their color and light animations. Enjoy! Pickup Changes Maurino Berry Wow the map got littered with garbage really fast, didn't it? I made some changes to the pick up code so that you can now pick up most objects if they are outside of any tool cupboard range: this means if someone places junk by the road, feel free to take it and recycle it. Free resources! I also made some changes to help with base renovation. The Repair Bench and the Research Bench can be picked up and moved. I did not apply this to the Workbench because its high health would lead to exploits, such as moving them infront of your doors to seal you and your loot in. I will come up with a solution for this soon. Simple Items As Blueprints Maurino Berry I've changed how some of the simpler, deployable items are spawned in barrels and crates: you will find the blueprint for it instead of getting the full object. This should help with people throwing garbage down everywhere, and maybe people will start making some of these as you no longer need to waste scrap to learn them. Recycling Changes Maurino Berry Because you cannot repair items without knowing their blueprint (for now), having a stack of broken high end gear was kind of a tease. I've changed the recycling ratios up so you get a minimum of 10% of their resources when recycling broken items. I've also halved the amount of rope in sewing kits, so you will see about 1/4 when recycling. This might need to be expanded further. High External Wall Tweaks André Straubmeier It could be a bit tricky to place the last wall piece when walling in a compound. I tweaked the deploy volumes to allow a number of useful placements that should make things easier without sacrificing the minimum enforced distance when trying to stack walls. Resource Spawn Improvements André Straubmeier You know how stone nodes were way harder to find than metal or sulfur nodes? This was primarily caused by the fact that the resource spawner used a simple dice roll to determine what resource to respawn whenever something was harvested. This gives the correct result when people harvest all resources at about the same rate, but if they massively focus on a single resource this resource will become more and more rare as other resources will block their spawn locations. I've changed this so the spawn handler now respawns resources in a way that the end result is guaranteed to always look like the desired resource end distribution. This means that if people only harvest stone nodes and ignore metal nodes entirely, only stone nodes will respawn. One thing to note is that this change will only be applied slowly over time if your server loads a save since the resources that are loaded from the save are of course still the same they were before the update. If you want to fasttrack this as a server owner, delete the existing ore entities and let them respawn from scratch. Server DOS Exploit André Straubmeier We discovered a packet exploit that could be used to bring down servers by getting them to spam messages into their log file. We quickly found and fixed the issue and to make sure this doesn't happen again I added a log convar that can easily be toggled to completely disable server logging at runtime. Greyboxing Vehicles Vincent Mayeur I started to produce temporary art (greybox) models for our vehicles on a separate branch. We're going to approach them in similar way to the concepts Howie made: we'll create vehicles around a 'chassis' or base that will vary in length, and on the chassis will be sockets that you can plug in modules. Much more work is required in discovering and fine tuning how modules will work alongside the frame with each other. There's not much point going into the specifics at this stage, because many things will change when it gets worked on, but here's a peek at what I have so far. Snow Biome Improvements Damian Lazarski This week I've been working on the various bits and pieces required for the iceberg rework. I have focused primarily on creating a set of tiling materials in Substance Designer that will be used across the snow biome. I also made some high poly ice sheet models and explored various texturing and blending techniques to find the best approach to remove seams across those large iceberg meshes. Sadly, there's not much to show this time around as I need to put all of those elements together, but all of this was the necessary busywork. Below is a quick sneak peek at what fully textured icebergs will look like. Viewmodels And New Arms Alex Webster This week sees the merge of all the viewmodel clean-up work. Visually, the only update you'll see is a new set of arms. We are now in a good place to begin viewmodel clothes tests, once Taylor gets some free time to create some test meshes. I've also been working through some bugs and any other visual issues I've come across. Old arms. New arms. Craftable Hazmat Suit Taylor Reynolds More progress on the makeshift hazmat suit this week. Elements of it are still rough, but I'm happy with the direction it's headed. I've had a lot of fun trying to achieve a cobbled together look with lots of duct tape holding everything together. I want to push it even further and I'm looking forward to really weathering the fabric as much as I can to contrast the clean look of the scientist's suit. Water Reflection Tweaks Diogo Teixeira These artifacts were pointed to me this week. They were caused by a bug in our screen-space water reflections code. The sample below was taken from the top of the Lighthouse. There were other cases where the issue was prevalent and distracting, especially in and around water. The artifacts look mild but they may look a lot worse depending on graphics configuration, light conditions and motion. Shadow Tweaks Diogo Teixeira Last week's viewmodel shadow fixes introduced a new bug in other visible in areas. It took some work to manage this bug without affecting the viewmodel, but I finally nailed it. Interior shadows should be back to normal now. Another issue that went unnoticed during last week's viewmodel shadow changes was that viewmodel's legs below the knee were invisible in the shadow. This was fixed as well. The leg shadows should now be visible and matching footsteps as closely as possible. Hair Progress Diogo Teixeira Went back to hair integration work this week to help the team make a final push. I improved the shader a bit to support all anti-aliasing modes and lent a hand with performance testing and pipeline work. It's been moving slowly but shouldn't take much longer now. We're closing in on a fast and flexible solution. We'll keep you posted. Steam Reviews As you've probably noticed on the Stats Page, our steam reviews are taking a beating at the moment. Our latest changes seem to have been quite well recieved by the majority of people, so we're sure that this is a case of people only writing reviews when they're pissed off. Source:
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  7. Do you have strong opinions on the flow of lava? It’s possible you’re a trained scientist who knows when it looks right or wrong, but it’s also possibly you just like nitpicking. Either way, Conan Exiles is making sure that the molten flow of lava in the game looks nice and authentic. You probably won’t be burnt to a crisp from convection, so realism is still going right out the window, but it’ll look nice just the same. The weekly update has more in it aside from just that, of course; the combat team is working on lock-on targeting systems in prototype stages to test out how that change will affect the overall feel of the game’s combat, while the art team is developing some cute cats and new crossbows. Check out the latest dispatch to see everything that’s changing in the near future and is already in the works for future updates. Source:
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  9. 3x Worshiper Weekend | Oct. 13 - 15

    Hi-Rez has announced that between Oct. 13 - Oct. 15 players can gain 3x worshipers. Source:
  10. Alongside that, Wargaming provided a short Q&A with the game's operational producer Michael Zinchenko. From that, I found Zinchenko's answers that firstly explore exactly what the update brings to the table, and secondly how dogfights have improved to be most interesting. On version 2.0, Zinchenko says: "While WoWP 1.0 [and above] is focused on highly skill-dependent dogfighting gameplay, the Conquest game mode in WoWP 2.0 is focused on capturing and controlling territories through different actions that correspond with class-specific roles for different aircraft. "Each of the fives classes in game, including the all-new bombers, have quite varying roles. Now add to that the new respawn mechanic and totally updated visuals, and you get a new gameplay experience. Naturally we encourage everyone to try the new version themselves." And on dogfighting, he adds: "We added respawn. But seriously, dogfighting is still a crucial part of the aerial battle that is WoWP. It’s a game with warplanes, after all. "And yet it is but one part of it. We’re working on improvements to dogfighting mechanics constantly, but at the same time we added a lot of other tasks, targets and in-game mechanics that will make any player useful, depending on their preferred class, in-game situation and personal skill." World of Warplanes' version 2.0 is due tomorrow, October 11. When it lands tomorrow, World of Warplanes' version 2.0 will allow players to skillful operate bombers with "only one hand", get to grips with bomber tree branches which include Soviet bombers and machines with multiple turrets, and strive to capture territories in the game's new Conquest mode. That last part appears to be the crown jewels of version 2.0, as it aims to deliver a degree of tactical strategy, planning and execution missing from World of Warplanes as we currently know it. Here's a trailer to mark the latest update's arrival: Alongside that, Wargaming provided a short Q&A with the game's operational producer Michael Zinchenko. From that, I found Zinchenko's answers that firstly explore exactly what the update brings to the table, and secondly how dogfights have improved to be most interesting. On version 2.0, Zinchenko says: "While WoWP 1.0 [and above] is focused on highly skill-dependent dogfighting gameplay, the Conquest game mode in WoWP 2.0 is focused on capturing and controlling territories through different actions that correspond with class-specific roles for different aircraft. "Each of the fives classes in game, including the all-new bombers, have quite varying roles. Now add to that the new respawn mechanic and totally updated visuals, and you get a new gameplay experience. Naturally we encourage everyone to try the new version themselves." And on dogfighting, he adds: "We added respawn. But seriously, dogfighting is still a crucial part of the aerial battle that is WoWP. It’s a game with warplanes, after all. "And yet it is but one part of it. We’re working on improvements to dogfighting mechanics constantly, but at the same time we added a lot of other tasks, targets and in-game mechanics that will make any player useful, depending on their preferred class, in-game situation and personal skill." World of Warplanes' version 2.0 is due tomorrow, October 11. Source:
  11. Given that he appeared in the previous game and is one of the most iconic fictional characters ever, it should come as no surprise that Darth Vader will be featured in Star Wars Battlefront II. Nevertheless, it wasn't until today that EA officially announced him and provided our first look at this latest iteration. The video below shows off Vader in action, and he's lot like you would expect--he slices opponents down with his lightsaber (Saber Throw) and lifts others up with the Force to damage them (Force Choke). He also has an ability called Focused Rage that essentially makes him tougher overall, allowing him to deal and receive more damage than usual. That's unfortunately all we have to go on at this point, but it provides a pretty good sense of the type of unit that Vader will function as in multiplayer. The beta offers a look at a number of other returning and new choices that players have at their disposal, such as Rey, Boba Fett, and and Han Solo. Battlefront II's beta has been extended; it had been expected to end earlier today, October 9. It will now run for an additional two days, though the full game's release is still planned for November 17 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Source:
  12. We welcome any Twitch streamer to Art of War Gaming! We are here to help promote your stream. Our streamers have access to upload their stream to our community website. Streamers can upload information about their stream, monitor reviews and comments. Interested in uploading your stream? Visit our Twitch Stream page and apply to upload your stream today!
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  14. The voice actor who provides the voice of the Innkeeper in the French version of Hearthstone may have unintentionally revealed details about a new card coming in the next expansion. Pierre-Alain De Garrigues posted video of himself recording a character called Tunnel Rodent—although I wonder if that might ultimately prove to be Tunnel Rat—to his Twitter account, and while he quickly took it down, he wasn't quite quick enough. De Garrigues speaks French in the video, obviously, but the good people of Reddit translated thusly: "Gift! New Hearthstone recording... not the Innkeeper this time!" He also apparently says that the character "likes explosions." The translator also shared a really terrible image of the card art, clipped from the video (which itself is of very low quality), which may or may not be a placeholder: As another redditor pointed out, it looks an awful lot like the Kobold Geomancer. Believe it or not, this actually isn't the first time that information about a Hearthstone expansion has been leaked by a voice actor. Earlier this year, another Blizzard veteran, Lani Minella, revealed through her online resume that the then-upcoming Hearthstone expansion would be called Lost Secrets of Un'Goro (although it eventually turned out to be Journey to Un'Goro). The latest expansion hasn't actually been announced yet, although it's a good bet that we'll hear something about it at BlizzCon. It's also a good bet that De Garrigues, who according to his Wikipedia page has worked on other Blizzard games including Warcraft 3, World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, and Heroes of the Storm, has got some serious explaining to do. I've reached out to Blizzard for confirmation of the Tunnel Rodent leak, and will update if I receive a reply. In the meantime, you can watch the video in question below. (Sorry, I can't figure out how to make it bigger.)
  15. Devblog 180

    We, along with everyone else, were unhappy with the state of the game in terms of how easy it was to get top end gear and how little reason to stick around and play there was after you were killed. This has all been changed. The very first iteration of the return of blueprints is now in game. I'd like to start off by saying that this is in no way feature complete. It's probably completely unbalanced, and there may be certain oversights that have completely broken the game and will require patches over the weekend. Anything you see is not set in stone, especially if it is obviously screwed up, so please don't say we're such morons for making item X cost 90,000 scrap: it's probably a bug or oversight. We're going to get through this together. Lots will change. Don't be surprised if there is a BP wipe in a month or two, once we get everything straightened out and finalized. With all that said, here's what to expect: You'll begin the game with some default blueprints, like campfires, furnaces, workbenches and storage (in fact, there are about 50 default BPs which is insane - we need to unlock them slowly from doing simple stuff, like crafting sub-items, but that is another story). Looting works the same as it did before, except now there is a decent chance that anything you loot (or barrels you break) will drop a full item, such as a weapon or a tool. You will notice that found weapons have very low condition, making their usefulness somewhat limited. The main purpose here is to introduce a source item for you to research. Once you have an item you wish to learn how to craft, you must take it to a research bench (found in the world, or crafted) and create a blueprint from the item. The cost of doing so is Scrap. There isn't any % chance of success of fail or anything like that anymore. Just a straight up cost to research. Once you have researched the item you can study it and permanently learn how to craft it. Or you can trade it with other players. Another element to this progression system is the introduction of workbenches. They come in three tiers, and they require significant amounts of scrap to produce. They also require the previous tier workbench to craft the next one. So you can't just craft a level three one if you saved up: you have to go 1->2->3. No skipping ahead. After you place one, stand near it and look for the Workbench status symbol on your HUD. When this is active, you can craft anything requiring that tier and below it. You'll also craft items much faster so long as your workbench tier is greater than what the item requires. Components can be researched, but they require scrap to produce - in fact they require the same amount of scrap as they used to require when you could create them at the old research tables. They also require a Tier three workbench. I've also reduced the amount of HQM given from components by about 75-80%. This was completely out of whack and I think quarries might be a little more valuable now. One other change you'll notice is that you can only repair items if you have the blueprint for them. The exception being for items you cannot know, in which case you get a pass. I hope this will prevent people from stockpiling weapons from radtowns and not bothering to crafting them. I'll be listening everywhere I can for feedback, and I'll be playing the hell out of it myself. I would expect many changes over the next few days/weeks. I really hope this is at least the foundation of what we were all looking for. Progression has been an issue in Rust for about a year and I would really like to get it finalized so we can move on to other more fun and exciting things. Holosight Fix Maurino Berry I don't know if we mentioned this before, but we fixed the holosight looking all screwy with motion blur on. This led to another bug we noticed this week where anything behind the holosight would not blur. This is all fixed now thanks to Diogo. Mod Support Maurino Berry Some minor changes to help modders out. Spectators can now use the map, and you can send an RPC to the clients, "craftLevel" with any value other than 0 and everything will be considered unlocked on the client, you won't need workbenches, and the UI won't display workbench requirements or when an item is new. Vending Machine Changes/Fixes Maurino Berry A few changes to vending machines: they're default blueprints, and they're now way cheaper to build (from 50 high quality metal 3 gears to 20 HQM with 3 gears) to hopefully encourage you to trade a bit more. If an item is out of stock it'll appear as greyscale on your admin list. I also fixed an exploit which allowed players to access containers through the side of vending machines. Raid Balance Tweaks André Straubmeier I've addressed some exploits and imbalances that surfaced after last week's changes to ladders and twig raiding. Ladders can no longer be blocked by concrete, stone or sandbag barricades and high external walls and gates require some padding between them when placing them behind each other. New Road Network André Straubmeier The road network generation has really been kind of shit. Roads were interrupted all the time and didn't connect to each other in ways that actually made sense. This was because it was still based on a really basic graph algorithm from what feels like two years ago. I've started working on a new road planning algorithm a few months back but have been struggling to find enough time to finish it due to more pressing performance and gameplay issues coming up. This week I'm finally shipping the first iteration of the new algorithm. As you can see it now adds T and Y intersections wherever they make sense in order to simplify the road network, just like a road planner would do in real life. The road network no longer looks like a loose collection of tiny road segments that aren't really connected to each other, but instead you can clearly identify main roads and smaller side roads that connect nearby monuments. It's still far from perfect and there's a lot of work left to do. For one it should really add more redundant connections, even if they aren't required to reach all monuments. This will open up shortcuts and connect dead ends back to the main road in order to form more circular shapes. Then I want to add road connection points to monuments so the generated road network will smoothly lead into the monuments and continue on the other side. That being said, I think this is already a massive improvement over the old algorithm and since the overall length of the road has increased quite a bit it will also give junkpiles more space to spawn. World Serialization Improvements André Straubmeier I've optimized and improved the format in which we store maps on disk to speed up loading times. This is primarily in preparation of supporting server side maps (think modded custom maps) and the file format improvements will allow me to continue working on this even in updates that don't wipe the servers. Drinking Improvements André Straubmeier Drinking from rivers and lakes was really weird and buggy, partly because you had to go for a swim for the interaction menu to actually work. It's now all fixed and much nicer to use! AI Pål Trefall I changed pace a bit this week as the new steering tech has proved really hard to get stable. I have run it through a variety of failed approaches, but I still have another couple of possible solutions up my sleeve. I thought it would be good to put my focus on something else this week. I revisited the Behaviour AI for animals. Movement and Actions were not run as separate behaviours, which caused animals that would naturally flee to never hit back. That is no longer the case. Scientists can now finally shoot animals, and their Navmesh is properly generated over the terrain when there are animals already in the area. Previously it was first come first serve, a glitch in how the custom terrain collision mesh was used, which could cause secondary agent types to run through the terrain. Finally I started on a bit of group logic, moving towards a light squad setup for Scientists, using concepts from the Steering Behaviour experiments, but in a more confined way. Snow Biome Improvements Damian Lazarski I continued working on the snow biome this week. As you will notice when the wipe hits, the ice lakes will now spawn in the arctic area. They currently serve no gameplay purpose, but they will add visual variety to the landscape. Ice lakes can be built on, so some of you may enjoy the roleplaying possibilities. These took a little bit more time than I expected, but since it's the first natural monument, I have learned quite a lot while making these, and I will be sure to use that knowledge in the future. Sadly, the ice bergs and ice sheets didn't make it in this time. They still need to be polished, optimizied, and playtested properly. So far, I have made a set of tiling textures for them that are a mixture of ice and snow. In the coming days, I will focus om getting all ice bergs and ice sheets properly textured, to make them look good from far away as well as up close. Foliage Shader Revamp Diogo Teixeira It's been a while since I've worked on foliage shading. Our current foliage shader was built rather quickly, to satisfy immediate needs, and served as a placeholder. Time has come to revisit this and empower artists to deliver better looking vegetation. Our new implementation has a few improvements over the previous one, like proper two-sided lighting, correct specular and subsurface scattering. This new shader will be rolled out early next week. Actual transition might take longer since artists will need to review each of the vegetation-related materials and possibly remake some of the meshes. All in due time. Viewmodel Shadows Diogo Teixeira I have mixed feelings about this one, but the overwhelming opinion seemed to be that the player's own shadows being cast on the viewmodel (e.g. hands, weapon) had to go away. The fact that our shadows don't look so great in lower settings also doesn't help the argument in favor of having them enabled. Therefore, I took the hint and created an exception where viewmodel meshes don't get self shadows originating from invisible parts of the player's body. Despite moving a step away from "realism", it might actually help gameplay where it matters. Should be less distracting now. Player Hair Matt Isaac I've worked more on player hair this week, trying to iron out the last bits before its ready to go in game. There's still one major hurdle, and that is getting the hair to fit all the head shapes, but we're experimenting at the moment with morphs/blend shapes which morph the hair models to the right shape. One advantage of using a system like this is we can also get some variation in the model, so as an experiment I created some different eyebrow shapes that can blend between to get more variety in character. I've also been working on getting the hair to fit all the clothing we have in game. We're currently benchmarking these changes this week to see how well they perform. BBQ Thomas Butters Progress on the BBQ is nearly done. I've just about finished the textures off. Anyway, take a spin below! After finalising the textures (the face is just temp, of course) I'll move on to LODs and then preppin' the model for integration. You will be able to close the lid, so everything can be stored nice and neat. Player Animations Minh Le I've been looking into using IK to help with foot placement when the player walks on uneven terrain. Unity has some IK functionality that gives decent results, but it still requires a fair bit of tweaking with the animation and the blend between IK on/off. Here's a video to illustrate how IK works on uneven terrain. There's still a few areas where it looks a bit off, so I'll continue to tweak the animation and IK curves. Vehicle Effects Minh Le I've been working on adding steering animations for when the player is driving a car. There was a bit of a challenge getting the hands to line up properly with the steering wheel, but I managed to get some decent results. I've also been working on adding surface specific wheel smoke for when the car drives over different terrain such as water/grass/sand/etc. 180 October 05 2017 new Added Workbenches new Added Blueprints new Added ice lake monuments to the arctic biome new Added new road generation algorithm updated Improved world serialization file format updated More efficient world serialization compression updated Improved water map encoding updated Can no longer block ladders with certain barricades (concrete, stone and sandbag) updated High external walls and gates require some space between parallel walls updated Vending machine + shopfront cost reduction updated Locked all items other than default blueprints updated Improved bus stop and power substation spawn rules updated T-shirt/longsleeve much cheaper don't require sewing kit updated Can only repair items with blueprint fixed Fixed problems with drinking water from rivers and lakes fixed Invisible body no longer casting shadows on viewmodel fixed Fixed ambient occlusion around vegetation fixed Fixed player shadow projection noticeable on ceilings fixed Fixed sky reflection intensity mapping fixed Fixed motion blur ignored around on holosight reticle border Source:
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    Docgotgame is a great streamer! I am one of his subs and I love his channel. He is very interactive with his chat and does all kinds of funny/wacky things to entertain. Highly recommend.
  18. Earlier this year, Yahoo announced that 1 billion of its accounts were hacked. That made it the single-largest data breach ever in terms of the number of accounts. Today, Yahoo announced that it was even worse. All 3 billion of its accounts were compromised. Yahoo said in a news release that it "obtained new intelligence" with the help of of "outside forensic experts." Based on this new information, Yahoo can now say that "all Yahoo user accounts were affected" by the August 2013 breach. Stolen user account data did not include clear-text passwords, credit card info, or bank details, Yahoo said. Though the hack is not an ongoing situation, Yahoo said it is continuing to work alongside law enforcement on the matter. For comparison, 3 billion is more than the number of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram users combined. This was the biggest hack in history, and it was just the latest for Yahoo, as a separate 2014 hack from a "state-sponsored" actor compromised some 500 million accounts. Another element at play here is that the disclosure of the massive Yahoo data breach came during Verizon's buyout of Yahoo. As GameSpot sister site CNET explains, Verizon was originally set to pay $4.83 billion for Yahoo but the price was slashed by $350 million following the revelation of the breach. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is reportedly investigating Yahoo to determine if it alerted users to the breach fast enough. Verizon's chief information security officer, Chandra McMahon said in a statement that Verizon is "committed to the highest standards of accountability and transparency, and we proactively work to ensure the safety and security of our users and networks in an evolving landscape of online threats." McMahon went on to pledge: "Our investment in Yahoo is allowing that team to continue to take significant steps to enhance their security, as well as benefit from Verizon's experience and resources."
  19. A new gameplay trailer for Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite has been released, showing upcoming DLC characters Black Panther and Sigma duking it out. Capcom has also released images of new premium costumes for those characters, as well as Monster Hunter, another fighter that'll be added to the game. According to Capcom, "Black Panther is a melee fighter who utilizes quick slashes with his claws to win the fight. T'Challa can also cling to walls as well as jump from one to another in a matter of moments, allowing him to escape pressure, but to also pounce on an opponent from multiple angles." In the gameplay trailer he can be seen quickly moving around the stage, slashing his enemy on both the ground and in the air. He also calls in Sigma to extend combos and do devastating damage. "Using his energy sword, Sigma is able to control the battle by opening up dimensional rifts that linger around the screen, hindering his opponent's movement options," Capcom says about the character. "Armed with a command grab and a counter teleport, he has options to deal with overly aggressive teams that may try to take advantage of his slower but imposing move set." Black Panther, Sigma, and Monster Hunter will be available on October 17 at no additional cost to those that purchased the 2017 Character Pack. Alongside the characters will be the costumes you can see below. Capcom has said it also has "premium costumes for the full roster coming soon." Looking further ahead, Winter Soldier, Black Widow, and Venom will also be added Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite as DLC. These characters are included in the 2017 Character Pack. In GameSpot's Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite review, it was awarded an 8/10. "The mechanics underlying Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite make it an outstanding fighting game," reads the review. Capcom has understood what caused the stagnation of Marvel Vs. Capcom 3's competitive scene and, to some extent, the issues Street Fighter V currently faces. "In response it has created a fighting game focused on individuality and expression, with deep systems that reward studious players but also accommodate casuals. As someone who both plays and watches fighting games, I am excited to see what the future holds for Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite." Capcom previously released a gameplay trailer for Monster Hunter in Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite. Original Source:
  20. Are you an experienced news writer who wants to contribute to Art of War Gaming? We want to work with you! We’re looking to beef up our team of freelance writers by finding passionate, hard-working people to contribute to the site. In addition to writing stories based on press releases provided by publishers, you’ll also be tasked with hunting down breaking news each day and digging for additional information, plus finding relevant media assets. If you’re over 18 have a passion for gaming, we're interested in hearing from you! Articles must contain no plagiarism, be 100% original and no where else on the web. Articles can be reviews of popular pc games or general pc game news including massive multi play game news. We reserve the right to reject articles that we don't see fits our gaming community theme. We would also be happy to give professional references for portfolios. At the moment we're looking for the following: PC Featured News Rust News Star Wars: The Old Republic News Citadel: Forged in Fire News PC Game Reviews If you're interested, please contact myself via pm on the site or you can use our "Contact Us" link.
  21. UNRELENTING TERROR: DIRECT SALE ARMOR ONE WEEK ONLY: Tuesday, October 3 - Tuesday, October 10 – 2,100 Cartel Coins Battle armor inspired by one of the galaxy’s most legendary Dark Lords. A must-own for any aspiring Sith Warrior. BLACK AND WHITE DYES: DIRECT SALE ARMOR CUSTOMIZATIONS ONE WEEK ONLY: Tuesday, October 3 - Tuesday, October 10 Customize your favorite armor set with distinctive white and black color dyes. Black/Black Dye 2,000 Cartel Coins NOW 1,500 CARTEL COINS White/White Dye 1,000 CARTEL COINS White/Black Dye 1,000 CARTEL COINS Black/White Dye 1,000 CARTEL COINS MARSH HUNTER ACKLAY: DIRECT SALE MOUNT ONE WEEK ONLY: Tuesday, October 3 - Tuesday, October 10 – 2,100 Cartel Coins Few beasts are as rare and feared as the wild Acklay. For those who can earn its trust however, this beast has proved to be a fiercely protective ally. OVERCHARGED TUNING: DIRECT SALE WEAPON CUSTOMIZATION ONE WEEK ONLY: Tuesday, October 3 - Tuesday, October 10 – 2,000 Cartel Coins Signal your entrance on the battlefield! This customization overrides your weapon’s power core, discharging sparks and flames to keep enemies at bay.
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    A different take on the game from Brullan sits atop this week's blog. A lot of what you see in fan art has an obvious story, but there's loads you can project onto this one. Think of all the things that person has done to live in this world. Did he craft that spear, pull it out of his own flesh, or take it from a starving naked? Is he planning a run for components, wood, or is he calculating where to live? As long as he's not shouting "Reeeeeeeeeeee!". Road Rage Though the cars are hidden behind commands and the benevolence of admins, it hasn't stopped people from riding them across servers, turning the game into some sort of Cannonball Run reboot. And, of course, when they do that they tend to record themselves. The most stylish of these was made by Surge, who left skidmarks all over his server. PitchDank's Rust PD took to the servers to make sure cars were being properly used. And here's what Nascar looks like, via Holdacious and The Horde Server. More screeeech than reeeeeeee, thankfully. Rust Loadout - The Pirate! Stimpee has a series where he plays using certain loadouts. I'd completely forgotten about it, but this week he turned himself into a pirate. He turns into an Eoka master. I've always loved the idea of limiting how you play a game. I always get better stories out of that. Art What have your hands made this week, eh? Well Neron drew an avatar with attitude, while OeBoe turned our furnace into a real 3D thing. Conversely, Mr.MichaelPL flattened down the world and wiped it clean of lots of colours. Art! Social Interaction In Rust BedBananas returns to Rust and dies a lot. The ending to his previous video is still one of the best things I've ever seen in Rust. And Finally... Banana Duck recreated a sketch from '90s UK television. That is the sole reason we added cars. Now do Basil Fawlty. Get In Touch Think you're working on something awesome? Tell me all about it. Share your base designs, show off a game-mode from your server, or have you done a cool thing with Code Locks and Vending Machines? There's a dedicated forum post, or you can fish for upvotes in the Subreddit. I also shuffle around the the Steam Community, so feel free to show me to things from there. You can follow and respond to Rust on Twitter, and I'm on there as well. I can't respond to everything, but I read every comment and take it all in. Source:
  23. Hello all! Tomorrow we'll be satisfying another community request by adding another set of castle props for players to fill their amazing dwellings with! Before this update, many players gave the feedback that their homes felt a little empty. We're adding a selection of basic furniture props to the game to finally breath some life into your empty dining halls and cavernous lounges! New Building Props Tables A table is much more than a flat, elevated surface supported by four legs! Tables are a social hub! They are where people come together, where ideas are shared, and where allies are made. Grab a potion, gather ‘round your housemates, and raise your flask to friends old and new! Or you know, maybe they are just flat, elevated surfaces supported by four legs. Either way, we have them now, and they’ll look fantastic in your castles! Chairs You can’t have tables without chairs, which is why we’ve prepare two lovely seating options for your wizardly posterior! Kick up the ol’ dogs on one of two fantastic choices: On the left we have a simple wooden dining chair, and on the right we have a lovely leather padded lounger. Bed Slaying the undead and taming massive dragons can be exhausting; why not build yourself a cozy, quiet space to kick back and unwind? With the upcoming addition of beds, you can finally turn your hovel into a home! Barrels We’ve also thrown in a couple barrels as additional options to give your space a little more flavor. Expect more simple props in the future to improve the aesthetic of your space! Taming Re-balance We'll also be applying a re-balance to taming in this upcoming patch. Historically, Pacify times were calculated in a linear fashion: The higher the creature’s level, the longer it would take to Pacify them. With our next update we’ll be adding a little more variability to the experience. Tame times will be calculated based on a number of factors including the level of the player’s weapon, the level of the creature, debuffs that may be applied to the creature, and the creature’s current HP. That Infernal Dragon taking too long to tame? Bring down its health, stun it with Gaslight, and pull out your strongest weapon! We hope that these new variables will make the taming of creatures a much less tedious and much more engaging experience. New Reagents We'll also be adding a few new reagents to the game: Blue Gold Ingot: 2 Gold Ore + 2 Iron Ore Ornate Marble Slab: 2 Stone + 1 Precious Stone White Marble Slab: 2 Stone + 1 Precious Stone Flawless Rune Gem: 3 Rune Cystal Enchanted Stone: 5 Stone + 5 Rune Crystal + 1 Precious Stone These reagents will be added to the recipes for a number of building items, including magic structures, marble structural pieces and ornate structural pieces. As you can see, Precious Stone is about to get a lot more valuable, so the time to start stocking up is now! Much More! We'll have more info to share with you all tomorrow, including bug fixes and gameplay tweaks.Stay tuned for the full patch notes, and we'll see you in Ignus with some brand new content soon! Source:
  24. Star Wars Battlefront II is out soon on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and the beta starts even sooner. We've already played some of what's on offer in the public beta, and so far we're impressed. A number of modes are included in the beta, the first of which is called Arcade Mode. This can be played solo or in split-screen on consoles, offering a variety of challenges while also serving as a training ground to hone your skills and practice with new weapons or loadouts before jumping into online matches. Check out some gameplay of the split-screen portion below. Strike is a smaller, objective-based mode with two teams of eight players. It focuses more on infantry (and less on vehicles or heroes) than the other modes seen in the game but still gives players their own powerful trooper loadouts to be earned by gunning down the enemy. We played a mission from the Star Wars: Force Awakens/The Last Jedi era in which the Rebels had to hold Maz's castle and prevent The First Order from retrieving an artifact and delivering it to their transport. Galactic Assault, meanwhile, is a huge 20v20 mode. Objectives and maps evolve as the match progresses, with players earning points that can be redeemed to call in iconic vehicles, classes, and heroes. The map we played was based on Naboo, tasking Clone Troopers with defending the palace from waves of Separatist droids. Our mission was to take out the troop transport vehicle and hold the palace until the end of the game. Take a look at some galactic assault gameplay below. Finally, in Starfighter Assault, squadrons of Rebel and Imperial fighters, bombers, interceptors, and hero ships battle among the twinkling stars of space. Matches are, once again, objective-based--the mission we played had the Rebels trying to break through Imperial blockades to destroy a docked Star Destroyer, with The Empire defending by shooting down waves of Y-wing bombers. We have gameplay of all four modes in the video at the top of this article, so check it out and let us know what you think of Star Wars Battlefront II--which launches on November 17--in the comments below. Source:
  25. Much like last year, Blizzard will celebrate October in Overwatch with a Halloween-themed event. Halloween Terror makes a return next week and will run for the remainder of the month, offering new cosmetic items for players to earn. Blizzard announced today that Halloween Terror has a release date of October 10 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and it runs through November 2. It also shared the very brief teaser video above that shows off new Halloween-themed skins for McCree and Reaper, the latter of which already had an excellent one from last year's event. The video was accompanied by a poem which reads: "The nights grow cold / And monsters appear / A great evil gathers / And Halloween draws near..." Further specifics have not yet been announced, but along with new cosmetics, we may also see the return of Junkenstein's Revenge. (That seems likely given that Junkrat's Junkenstein skin is featured in the logo for this year's event.) The co-op mode pits a team of four against waves of enemies in what amounts to Overwatch's take on Horde mode. We'll report back as Blizzard shares more details; for now, the developer has only said that the update introduces "spooky new content." Original Source:
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