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    No big changes this week to our wipe cycle. We will change the map seed and the map size to include the launch site. I know many players asked about it last wipe. We didn't realize it until a day into the wipe cycle that the launch site wasn't in the last map. Rather than disrupt everyone's game play, we decided to continue vs re-wiping.

    Changes this week:

    Hello Art of War Members!

    We are pleased to introduce our Discord to the community. We know that many users have made the transition from Teamspeak to Discord and as such, we believe it is to our benefit as a community to have a Discord. It is free after all!

    We will continue to utilize our Teampeak server in addition to the Discord. For those of you who like Discord, you now have the option to use it for voice communications.

    As always, have fun gaming and let us know what you think!

    Join our discord @ this link :

    We recommend downloading the Discord App here:

    Oops Yes! It was. I was out of town so I didn't get to wipe it. I'll wipe it first thing tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.

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    Our server will be updating on 6/26. We wanted to let you, our community know about some of the changes.

    One of the biggest concerns has always been about having a community server that is moderated by in game players. Lets face it, it's impossible to admin a server if you're not inside of the game. The issue has been with our server being "vanilla" there were not many options to have players be moderators without having full top tier admin powers. Players were suspicious when they saw someone with a green name and probably decided to not play because of past admin abuses on other servers.

    I've been doing some testing on a test server and chatting with FP about the possibility of adding admin tools to our server and keeping it in the community server list. Those talks have produced some good information. So in the coming days we plan to implement our admin tools to our community server. This will allow us to have in game moderators who are regular players. We will also introduce a warn (3 strike) system that will allow for some heavy leniency for rule breakers. The most important part about this is our in game moderators will not be able to use noclip, spectate, or spawn in items to any players or themselves. In essence, they will be regular players who just have the ability to warn/kick other players for rule breaking.

    We will also implement a steam check for players with prior vac bans on file. If that player has a vac ban within the last 180 days, he/she will not be allowed to play on our server.

    We hope that this will help elevate player/moderator tension and help to increase our server population and our reputation as a community server.

    Welcome to "Mafia Scene" hosted by Art of War Gaming.

    If you are reading this, you have been redirected from Mafia Scene (net) to here. Mafia Scene was closed and placed in archive mode. Since then, we have received request for several mods and files. While we no longer host those files, we have opened these forums for anyone who is looking for information. We will do our best to provide the best information we can from our archives.

    Welcome to the forums, please enjoy and have a fun time!

    Our server wiped two days before schedule. The reason for this: people were concerned for the low population.

    As I write this, the population of the server is 24 at 11:30PM CST.

    While I would like the server population to be higher, I think 24 at 11:30PM on a Monday is ok.

    Some changes:

    • Map size was decreased from 2800 down to 2200. People wanted more "action/pvp", well hopefully now you get it.
    • Server size will decrease from 75 slots to 55 slots in the coming weeks. We tried , but 75 pop never happened.
    • Server will stay a Solo/Duo/Trio server

    I tried to bring back some incentives to keep players playing, but it backfired hard. I went to schedule the server to give 1000 wood and 1000 stone and it instead gave 1000 wood and 1000 Stone Walls. Hopefully this won't affect this wipe cycle too much - most people's inventories were too full. I'll be more careful with this in the future and people don't seem to like getting free stuff as a reward for playing on the server.

    Our 5/25 wipe will happen when the patch is released. Please be aware that our server will transition to a solo/duo/trio group server.

    Well the Server is no fun is if bigger groups scare off other players XD Gets kind of lonely :(

    I agree with that. I believe on the next wipe you will see the server move to the Solo, Duo, Trio groups no larger.

    I really do like playing on this server a lo,t don't get me wrong. With that said it is small server and not made handle larger 6-8 man groups my opinion. Honestly I think this server would do better as Solo, Duo, or Trio tops for it roaming group size. Neighbor always fine of course, but raiding and roaming groups really should be a bit smaller, so others will have chance defend during online raids and go raiding themselves. Keep in mind these are just my opinions/suggestions. Feel free to voice your thoughts on the matter here. Thanks for reading.

    Hey WildWyvern ,

    Thanks for the feedback. I know you're a regular and so I appreciate you dropping by with the feedback. We have been discussing making it a Solo, Duo, Trio server on this next wipe. I think with your feedback it will help push it towards that. We appreciate you sending in your feedback and concerns and you playing on the server.

    In Game Incident Reports

    We want to maintain transparency with our players.

    Late Updated 8/05/2017

    Moderator/Admin Involved
    Explanation of Incident
    Action Taken By Moderator
    Server Admin Trapsoul - Despawning during online raid
    Server Admin
    Therealslave - Dropping racial slurs in game repeatedly despite in game warnings.
    Permanent Ban
    In Game Filter M a n g o マンゴー
    W A T E R M E L O N スイカ - Auto Kicked due to chat filter
    Shaft NegroDubz - Repeatedly broke chat filter (Was kicked by server twice), warned multiple times, told me to fuck off. (Wasn't able to grab a screenshot as I was in combat at the time) Banned
    Shaft ImAztek - Repeatedly broke chat filter (Was kicked by server twice), warned multiple times, Told me to eat shit and to fuck myself (Something along those lines). (Wasn't able to grab screenshot as I was in combat at the time.
    Server Admin
    deblious - Toxic player. Joined the server using racial slurs. Started to antagonize by saying "I bet 500 I get banned". So, I just helped him off the server faster.
    Server Admin
    dnasty - Constant harassment of server admin/other players. After was confronted, continued accusations. Last straw was threatening the server.
    Server Admin
    Explosion Jones - Despawning loot during online raid.
    Temp Ban