• Stardew Valley Switch Getting Video Capture, Faster Load Times

    Stardew Valley, the incredibly popular farm and life game, is getting a host of updates and fixes to the Switch version.
    The major update adds video capture to the game. The Switch supports video capture as of an October update, but developers have to add it on a per game basis. As of now, very few game support video capture, with Skyrim being the first third-party game, and Stardew Valley seemingly being the first indie game. 
    Additionally, the patch makes saving faster, fixes the issue with controllers getting disconnected, and more.
    You can find the pull list of patch notes at the source link below. Stardew Valley was released on Switch on October 5.
    [Source: Stardew Valley Blog]
  • Rome II: Empire Divided Trailer Calls For One True Emperor

    Tensions mount and factions collide in the newest trailer for Total War: Rome II's latest expansion, Empire Divided.
    Posted on November 27, the trailer paints a picture of the game's world and the powers competing for dominance. A renegade commander to the North, a rival ruler to the East, and the Emperor Aurelius struggle for control of the Roman empire, and it's up to players to determine who shall reign supreme when the dust settles.
    Players can decide the fate of Rome when the expansion launches November 30 on PC.
  • Valkyria Chronicles 4 Story Trailer Shows The New Face Of War

    Sega recently announced that Valkyria Chronicles 4, the fourth game in the real-time strategy RPG series, is coming surprisingly soon in 2018. Today, the website updated with some character details and a Japanese story trailer. The trailer shows off the familiar sights and sounds of Valkyria, replete with tanks and marching soldiers, suggesting a strong return to form after the more school-like direction in the intermediary games after the first one.
    In addition, the website has also updated with some character profiles, translated by Gematsu.

    The first character shown, Raz, is Edinburgh Army 101st Division No. 1 Battle Brigade No. 32 Armored Ranger Battalion Squad E division officer and Assault soldier. He's described as "aggressive and quick to get into fights, and talks with a rough tone. He tends to misunderstand due to his clumsy personality, but he is extremely caring of his friends."

    The other character, Kai, is a sniper master sargeant known as the "One-Shot Killer." She is a childhood friend of Raz and is "a prodigy sharpshooter whose eyes conceal a strong purpose."
    Check out the story trailer below. Valkyria Chronicles 4 is scheduled for PlayStation 4 in March in Japan, with a Switch version coming later in the summer. A localization has been announced, though no timeframe has been given yet.
    (Please visit the site to view this media)
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  • Citadel: Forged with Fire

  • Halloween Horror Is Coming...

    Brace yourselves, Mages: Halloween horror will soon be descending upon the realm of Ignus! Come this Wednesday, October 18th we’ll be adding a host of spoOoOoOoOoOoOoky new content to Citadel in celebration of everyone’s favorite freaky festivity.
    Spookified World! To really embrace the mood of the holiday we’ve cranked Ignus’ general freakiness up to 11. The nights are freakier, foggier and more terrifying than ever. Rumor has it that on some rare nights the moon shines blood red! Keep your wits about you, lest an Abomination tear you to shreds!

    Time-Limited Treats! After next Wednesday’s update it’s time to go trick-or-treating! Every camp and cave treasure chest in the world will have a chance to drop some terrifying time-limited goodies. Some will be common, some will be less so, and some will be downright rare! The event ends November 1st, so make sure you grab the goodies before the chance has truly ghosted!

    The most common of these temporary delights is a selection of delicious candies! Chow down on a variety of cloying sweet delights including Chocolate Kaltibur Crisps, Sweet Crowberry Gum, Chocolate Buffalo Duds and Sugar Sprite Sticks and enjoy a variety of Health Regen, Mana Regen and Movement Speed buffs!

    We’re also preparing a huge selection of fun and ghoulish costumes, masks and helmets to really help you get in the spirit of the holiday! Some of these items, ridiculous though they may seem, are actually extremely viable high-end armor items – scoop them up while you can! More details on these costume items to follow in the coming week, so stay tuned!

    Devilish Tricks! Need something to stop bad little raiders dead in their tracks? Introducing Trap Doors, Spike Pits and Acid Pools! Starting next week, you’ll be able to keep unwanted intruders on their toes. Place Trap Doors anywhere in your castle, and have them drop down to either a jagged Spike Pit or a bubbling Acid Pool!

    You can even get creative and use the Trap Doors as invisible, vertical entrance points for your castle! Want to hide the real entrance to your base with a secret floor piece that you have to swim underwater to reach? Now you can! We’ll share more visuals and details on these fantastic new construction pieces next week, so stay tuned for those details soon!

    Trap Doors, Spike Pits and Acid Pools are not time-limited, and will permanently be part of Citadel
    Much More! We'll have event more to share outside of the Halloween content once this major update drops next week! Stay tuned for more details soon!
    Source: https://steamcommunity.com/games/487120/announcements/detail/1450581863748869974

    Patch Preview - New Castle Props, New Reagents & Pacify Changes

    Hello all! Tomorrow we'll be satisfying another community request by adding another set of castle props for players to fill their amazing dwellings with! Before this update, many players gave the feedback that their homes felt a little empty. We're adding a selection of basic furniture props to the game to finally breath some life into your empty dining halls and cavernous lounges!
    New Building Props

    A table is much more than a flat, elevated surface supported by four legs! Tables are a social hub! They are where people come together, where ideas are shared, and where allies are made. Grab a potion, gather ‘round your housemates, and raise your flask to friends old and new!

    Or you know, maybe they are just flat, elevated surfaces supported by four legs. Either way, we have them now, and they’ll look fantastic in your castles!

    You can’t have tables without chairs, which is why we’ve prepare two lovely seating options for your wizardly posterior! Kick up the ol’ dogs on one of two fantastic choices: On the left we have a simple wooden dining chair, and on the right we have a lovely leather padded lounger.

    Slaying the undead and taming massive dragons can be exhausting; why not build yourself a cozy, quiet space to kick back and unwind? With the upcoming addition of beds, you can finally turn your hovel into a home!

    We’ve also thrown in a couple barrels as additional options to give your space a little more flavor. Expect more simple props in the future to improve the aesthetic of your space!

    Taming Re-balance

    We'll also be applying a re-balance to taming in this upcoming patch. Historically, Pacify times were calculated in a linear fashion: The higher the creature’s level, the longer it would take to Pacify them. With our next update we’ll be adding a little more variability to the experience.

    Tame times will be calculated based on a number of factors including the level of the player’s weapon, the level of the creature, debuffs that may be applied to the creature, and the creature’s current HP. That Infernal Dragon taking too long to tame? Bring down its health, stun it with Gaslight, and pull out your strongest weapon! We hope that these new variables will make the taming of creatures a much less tedious and much more engaging experience.

    New Reagents
    We'll also be adding a few new reagents to the game:
    Blue Gold Ingot: 2 Gold Ore + 2 Iron Ore
    Ornate Marble Slab: 2 Stone + 1 Precious Stone
    White Marble Slab: 2 Stone + 1 Precious Stone
    Flawless Rune Gem: 3 Rune Cystal
    Enchanted Stone: 5 Stone + 5 Rune Crystal + 1 Precious Stone

    These reagents will be added to the recipes for a number of building items, including magic structures, marble structural pieces and ornate structural pieces. As you can see, Precious Stone is about to get a lot more valuable, so the time to start stocking up is now!
    Much More!
    We'll have more info to share with you all tomorrow, including bug fixes and gameplay tweaks.Stay tuned for the full patch notes, and we'll see you in Ignus with some brand new content soon!
    Source: http://steamcommunity.com/games/487120/announcements/detail/1486609767870600505
  • Rust

  • Devblog 183

    Halloween Items Happy Halloween! To get into the spirit of things, we've added some new decorative Halloween deployables. There's a scarecrow and a skull fire pit available on the Steam item store.
    In addition, we've replaced the existing resource pickups with Halloween themed ones for Metal, Stone, Sulfur, Wood, and Bones. For the period of Halloween (next patch) they will yield 50% more resources as well.
    Loot Chance Equalized Maurino Berry I'm doing a bit of a test here. I've made it so that loot items all have an equal chance of dropping in their tier. It was bad enough that some tiers had 40 items, to make it so some of those items had a 1/10 chance of dropping was ridiculous. I hope this makes some unattainable items a little easier to get, but just know all of this will be squashed soon when I do what I mentioned last devblog and set up dedicated rarity categories for each drop slot. Either way, let me know!
    BoneFollower Fixes Maurino Berry Even though we're ditching this element soon, I ended up fixing a bug that would cause objects that were parented to another object to sometimes lag behind their parent while it was in motion. This was noticeable in vehicles and when people were running: you'd see the weapon models one frame behind their position. This is now fixed.
    Garage Door Maurino Berry The garage door is now in game and works exactly how you'd expect. You'll find it in crates, and though we don't have vehicles yet, I'm sure people will be able to find a use for these in the meantime. Check it out:
      Autoturret Performance Maurino Berry I fixed a bug where all autoturrets were always performing their calculations in the same frame. So if you had 400 autoturrets deployed on your server, one frame would take forever and lock up the server because they would all be thinking at the exact same instant. I've changed this so the work is done over many frames instead. Servers should hiccup less because of this.
    Server Performance André Straubmeier I tracked down and fixed several server performance issues this week. The main problems were caused by garbage collections, similar to what we've experienced on the client, but there have also been some significant bottlenecks hidden in entity snapshots, networking and logging. Things should be a lot better now.
    Network Encryption André Straubmeier I spent the better part of this week testing, fixing and improving network encryption in cooperation with EAC. We're confident that it's now in a state where it can go live on the vast majority of servers, which is why it's enabled by default starting today. It does come with some performance overhead, but it should be minor enough for all servers to have it enabled without running into problems - particularly since we improved server performance in other areas quite a bit this week. If you're a server owner and you're having trouble with it on your server you can adjust it using the encryption convar.
    encryption=0 disables network encryption completely encryption=1 uses a very basic encryption algorithm encryption=2 enables the full network encryption The default value is 2 and we highly recommend leaving it that way. Changing the convar at runtime via the server console or RCON is supported, but the updated value only applies to players who connected after the convar change.
    Launch Site Changes Damian Lazarski Besides working on the icebergs I did some tweaks to the launch site this week. As some of you have pointed out, the ladder leading to the top of the launch site roof was pretty dangerous to climb, and you could be easily camped down. So I did a quick rework of this area and added some makeshift walkways to make climbing easier.
    In addition, we had some internal discussions about adding additional paths to the rocket factory building and we have some plans to make this area more varied and easier to take cover in. This, however, will come in at a later date as it will require some more work.
    Snow Biome Improvements Damian Lazarski This week I finished all of the highpoly icesheets and textures for them. I also made some ice debris decals that will float around the larger, traversable sheets. With all elements complete, I started to put everything together and did some work on the iceberg scenes. The area around the buildable icebergs should be fully traversable on foot, requiring miminal jumping.
    Below are some shots of my progress. I'm currently toying with the idea of putting some assets that would contain loot drops, which would make these areas more useful to the players.
    AI Pål Trefall This week I have mostly focused on getting the basics of our AI improved. More solid stuck prevention, better spawn locations, improvements to movement, and Navmesh Grid polish.
    Nail Gun Thomas Butters It's nearly ready for handing over to Goosey to animate. At the time of writing this, I had incurred a bit of discrepancy between the old and new shader that we're opting for. Basically, the model doesn't look as it ought to. So after speaking to the wizard diogo it seems that I will have to convert it from using the specular workflow to the metallic workflow for the new shader to be of use.
    In the meantime, enjoy some pictures and spinny things.
    Water Effects Minh Le I noticed that some of the sprites we're currently using for water effects were a bit low-res, so I used Houdini to create some new water splash sprites. I made some improvements to various effects, such as the splashes around rocks and the water splash that gets created when vehicles drive through water. I also noticed there's no effect for when a player jumps into water, so I added one.
        Player Model Tweaks Minh Le Tom and Taylor brought up an issue regarding the player models elbows/wrists (in 3rd person). It looked really distorted. I investigated further and realized Unity was doing something funky with the bone rotations. Fortunately, I was able to track it down and correct the player animations, so their bones are oriented the way their supposed to be. The elbow and wrist joints should look more natural now, but there's still room for improvement by adding more polygons around those joints and tweaking the vertex skinning.
    Decal Biome Tinting Diogo Teixeira This week I made a small, albeit visually important change to decals, like footsteps or bullet impacts, when applied on terrain. They always had the same base color, independently of their location. I've now modified the shader to apply color variation according to the biome they're placed at:
    New Tree Shader Diogo Teixeira As part of a future vegetation aesthetics revamp, I've implemented a new tree shader to roll out support for proper physical-based lighting and specular, using a new two-sided foliage approach, as well as thin subsurface scattering.
    This shader will first be tested on a different project (Moss) and rolled out to Rust later in a more robust form. Unfortunately, taking advantage of this shader requires non-trivial artwork, so I'm sparing you from disappointing programmer art.
    Optimizations Diogo Teixeira There have been some complaints regarding performance this week, so I took a couple of days to take care of some low hanging fruit. Some of these might make an immediate difference, some might make a difference only on populated areas, while others may only affect performance on specific player states:
    Added particle collision distance LOD on both Flame Thrower and Turret Disabled particle collisions on corpse flies effect Disabled particle collisions on plant seed effect Reduced Sky Reflection texture resolution Optimized bloom post-effect even further; 2x faster on CPU Optimized image effects composition engine Optimized frost/cold effect; 2x faster There are still a lot to improve but it's hard to prioritize with so work ahead of us. We'll do our best to keep optimizing any chance we get
    Source: https://rust.facepunch.com/blog/devblog-183/

    Devblog 181

    Map Additions Maurino Berry Now that the map is default, I feel like we have a bit more freedom to upgrade it as it's not classified as a piece of paper. Earlier this week I fixed the Vending Machine tooltips, so that if a blueprint was being sold/bought it would display (BP) next to it instead of just the item name, which was kind of misleading.
    While players can not currently draw on maps, this feature is enabled for mods, so they can add images to it to support their gameplay. A bug where these 'drawings' would persist across game sessions was fixed.
    Speaking of mods, I added a little bit of extra support for drawing a radius of any color on the map. This should help with gamemodes like Battle Royale, where they want to draw the radiation radius.
    Also, if you've ever had a hard time describing where something on the map was to a friend you should be happy with this next change. I've added a grid, with coodinates as an overlay to the map. It is off by default, and you can toggle it with the top left button. Each grid is 150x150 meters, and are lettered along the horizontal axis, and numbered along the vertical axis. It's a little bit ugly right now and has some minor artefacts when the map is in motion, but it works pretty well.
    One more thing, I added an explosion marker to the map wherever a crash site is. This is to say that whenever the Bradley or the helicopter are destroyed, a yellow and red explosion icon will appear on the map at the location of the crash site and will stick around for about 10 minutes. Have fun waiting for the fires to go out to get the loot now guys.
    Bradley Changes Maurino Berry Because the Bradley has a better load of loot, I've increased its respawn time so it only appears once every hour rather than every 15 minutes. I've also reduced the amount of ammunition it drops, making room for some other items, and I've slowed down its health regeneration. It will take 10 minutes before it starts to heal, and another 5 to completely heal. I guess I better finish its weapon systems, eh?
    Peacekeeper Fix Maurino Berry There was a terrible bug with peacekeeper mode: it didn't work. At all! Oops... This has since been resolved.
    Some people have asked me to remove the peacekeeper turret from shooting at animals. I kind of don't want to do that right now because they're not supposed to be outside in the open and this is somewhat of a deterrent for that. I'm not ruling it out completely, but for now you should keep them in private areas and not overlooking the beach, please.
    Airdrop Balance Maurino Berry I've changed the airdrop loot tables to be much much less likely to spawn "good" guns, such as rifles and SMGs, and instead much more likely to spawn lower tier weapons, like shotguns and ammunition. This is in an attempt to make the airdrop a PvP event for geared at lower-end players, while the launch site remains something for the higher-end clans. This will also help mitigate people with automatic weapons within the first 20 minutes of a server starting up.
    Launch Site Balance Maurino Berry It's not going to be perfect, but it'll be better than what we had. I've taken a stab at the launch site, let me know what you guys think.
    First and foremost: the Hazmat Suit no longer protects 100% against the highest tier of rads. That means the one cooling tower at the NPP and the top of the launch site will leak a little bit of radiation. You can't stay up there forever.
    Secondly, I nerfed elite crates a bit. They spawn half as many items, and one less spawns at the launch site. They also respawn every 2 hours instead of every 20 minutes.
    Thirdly, the Bradley loot table is now similar to that of the elite crates, and it drops 3 of them. This means you'll have to destroy it to get the good stuff.
    My thinking here is that you should have to invest what you have to get something better, so you need to use explosives on the Bradley to get some more advanced items out of it. By increasing the delay at the launch site, and removing the ability to camp it completely, large groups of players would have to wait in slightly more precarious places for longer amounts of time, increasing their exposure to errant shots from other players. I hope this gives people more of a chance to loot what is up there and they can instead focus on taking out the Bradley if they want a sure-thing.
    I'll listen to feedback and adjust this in the coming weeks, but this should be a good start.
    Blueprint Cost Changes Maurino Berry The Stone Spear and the Water Purifier are now both default blueprints as they should have been. Oops! The Ceiling Light, Guitar, and Planters, have all been reduced to a lower scrap tier.
    I've also changed the Flamethrower to require a level 2 workbench instead of level 1, so that people cannot endlessly flame wood bases. Although funny, this was a real problem.
    I've lowered the Hoodie and Pants to a lower scrap tier, so that they only require 75 scrap to research.
    Also, an attempt to make some more items viable was made. The Snow Jacket and Vagabond Jacket now only cost 50 cloth to craft instead of 100/200. I can't imagine where that number even came from, jeez.
    Cave Balance Maurino Berry Cave loot tables have been overhauled. You can expect to find fewer Miner Hats and Candle Hats, and the hats you do find will come with less Low Grade Fuel. It was ridiculous. I must have had about 800 stockpiled. You'll also find less HQM, (1-2 instead of a solid brick of 5). Lastly, I've added stone tools to the crate loot table, with a reasonably high chance; in exchange I've lowered the chance of finding salvaged tools in there. They are still in the loot table but you're going to find stone ones more often.
    Head Mounted Light Sources Maurino Berry You'll notice this patch that the candle hat is much dimmer. This is because there was an errant zero added to its light radius making it the brightest light source in the entire game other than the spotlight. Wow! It had a range of 50 feet. This has been fixed.
    I also fixed the bug with the miner hat where the emissive portion of it would remain on at all times when viewed by other players. This meant if you were wearing a miner hat and had it off, people could see your head like a beacon. Sorry about that.
    I've also added a blinding flare to the miner hat, similar to the flashlight. Maybe this will give you a very slight edge during combat, or perhaps it'll just act as a target. You decide.
    As mentioned elsewhere in the blog, I also added some minor protection to both pieces of headgear, The Candle Hat is the same as a cap, and the Miner Hat is the same as a Burlap Headwrap. Not much, but many times better than nothing.
    Workbench Exploit + Radius Maurino Berry I saw you on stream, Trausi.
    There was an exploit involving a chair and the workbench which would grant you workbench access anywhere on the server. This is now fixed. I've also increased the workbench radius by about three times, so you can move around a bit next to it while crafting. I had to add a visiblity check as well so that people couldn't use it who were outside your base.
    You can also rotate workbenches with the hammer if you somehow (???) place it the wrong way.
    This brings up the conversation regarding craft times. Some people have suggested making it the range of the tool cupboard, but thats kind of lame. I think instead we should just lower all items crafting times to no more than a few seconds, or at least add some kind of minigame that will complete it instantly. I'm sick of hearing about it and I guess its somewhat annoying in some cases. I will say that having no crafting time at all makes it feel less satisfying to craft something. We'll figure something out.
    Hat Protection Maurino Berry I've added protection values to the Boonie Hat, Cap, and Bandana. I'm happy about this because they look way cooler than the Burlap Headwrap and you can get as much if not a little more protection by stacking them.
    I also added some protection to the Miner hat and Candle hat, so they're not nearly as useless.
    Signs & Steam Items Maurino Berry I eff'd up the blueprint system a bit last week and all the Steam items, like Town Signs and Picture Frames, hats, etc., were not craftable, even though you had the Steam item. This is now fixed so you should see a bunch of "NEW!" items available when you fire up Rust.
    I also fixed a regression that was allowing these signs to be researched. You can now only craft them if you have the Steam item. They don't impact gameplay in any way, and are given out for free all the time just by playing, and they're also like 5 cents on the steam market, so I don't think this is a huge deal.
    Base Light Sources Maurino Berry It'll be a little easier to see inside your base at night now. Both Lanterns and Tuna lights are much brighter with a larger radius, and they're also cheaper to craft: the Lantern costs 25 Metal Fragments instead of 40. I also did some minor tweaks to their color and light animations. Enjoy!
    Pickup Changes Maurino Berry Wow the map got littered with garbage really fast, didn't it? I made some changes to the pick up code so that you can now pick up most objects if they are outside of any tool cupboard range: this means if someone places junk by the road, feel free to take it and recycle it. Free resources!
    I also made some changes to help with base renovation. The Repair Bench and the Research Bench can be picked up and moved. I did not apply this to the Workbench because its high health would lead to exploits, such as moving them infront of your doors to seal you and your loot in. I will come up with a solution for this soon.
    Simple Items As Blueprints Maurino Berry I've changed how some of the simpler, deployable items are spawned in barrels and crates: you will find the blueprint for it instead of getting the full object. This should help with people throwing garbage down everywhere, and maybe people will start making some of these as you no longer need to waste scrap to learn them.
    Recycling Changes Maurino Berry Because you cannot repair items without knowing their blueprint (for now), having a stack of broken high end gear was kind of a tease. I've changed the recycling ratios up so you get a minimum of 10% of their resources when recycling broken items.
    I've also halved the amount of rope in sewing kits, so you will see about 1/4 when recycling. This might need to be expanded further.
    High External Wall Tweaks André Straubmeier It could be a bit tricky to place the last wall piece when walling in a compound. I tweaked the deploy volumes to allow a number of useful placements that should make things easier without sacrificing the minimum enforced distance when trying to stack walls.
    Resource Spawn Improvements André Straubmeier You know how stone nodes were way harder to find than metal or sulfur nodes? This was primarily caused by the fact that the resource spawner used a simple dice roll to determine what resource to respawn whenever something was harvested. This gives the correct result when people harvest all resources at about the same rate, but if they massively focus on a single resource this resource will become more and more rare as other resources will block their spawn locations.
    I've changed this so the spawn handler now respawns resources in a way that the end result is guaranteed to always look like the desired resource end distribution. This means that if people only harvest stone nodes and ignore metal nodes entirely, only stone nodes will respawn. One thing to note is that this change will only be applied slowly over time if your server loads a save since the resources that are loaded from the save are of course still the same they were before the update. If you want to fasttrack this as a server owner, delete the existing ore entities and let them respawn from scratch.
    Server DOS Exploit André Straubmeier We discovered a packet exploit that could be used to bring down servers by getting them to spam messages into their log file. We quickly found and fixed the issue and to make sure this doesn't happen again I added a log convar that can easily be toggled to completely disable server logging at runtime.
    Greyboxing Vehicles Vincent Mayeur I started to produce temporary art (greybox) models for our vehicles on a separate branch. We're going to approach them in similar way to the concepts Howie made: we'll create vehicles around a 'chassis' or base that will vary in length, and on the chassis will be sockets that you can plug in modules. Much more work is required in discovering and fine tuning how modules will work alongside the frame with each other.
    There's not much point going into the specifics at this stage, because many things will change when it gets worked on, but here's a peek at what I have so far.
    Snow Biome Improvements Damian Lazarski This week I've been working on the various bits and pieces required for the iceberg rework. I have focused primarily on creating a set of tiling materials in Substance Designer that will be used across the snow biome. I also made some high poly ice sheet models and explored various texturing and blending techniques to find the best approach to remove seams across those large iceberg meshes. Sadly, there's not much to show this time around as I need to put all of those elements together, but all of this was the necessary busywork. Below is a quick sneak peek at what fully textured icebergs will look like.
    Viewmodels And New Arms Alex Webster This week sees the merge of all the viewmodel clean-up work. Visually, the only update you'll see is a new set of arms. We are now in a good place to begin viewmodel clothes tests, once Taylor gets some free time to create some test meshes. I've also been working through some bugs and any other visual issues I've come across.
    Old arms.
      New arms.
      Craftable Hazmat Suit Taylor Reynolds More progress on the makeshift hazmat suit this week. Elements of it are still rough, but I'm happy with the direction it's headed. I've had a lot of fun trying to achieve a cobbled together look with lots of duct tape holding everything together. I want to push it even further and I'm looking forward to really weathering the fabric as much as I can to contrast the clean look of the scientist's suit.
    Water Reflection Tweaks Diogo Teixeira These artifacts were pointed to me this week. They were caused by a bug in our screen-space water reflections code. The sample below was taken from the top of the Lighthouse. There were other cases where the issue was prevalent and distracting, especially in and around water.
    The artifacts look mild but they may look a lot worse depending on graphics configuration, light conditions and motion.
    Shadow Tweaks Diogo Teixeira Last week's viewmodel shadow fixes introduced a new bug in other visible in areas. It took some work to manage this bug without affecting the viewmodel, but I finally nailed it. Interior shadows should be back to normal now.
    Another issue that went unnoticed during last week's viewmodel shadow changes was that viewmodel's legs below the knee were invisible in the shadow. This was fixed as well. The leg shadows should now be visible and matching footsteps as closely as possible.
    Hair Progress Diogo Teixeira Went back to hair integration work this week to help the team make a final push. I improved the shader a bit to support all anti-aliasing modes and lent a hand with performance testing and pipeline work.
    It's been moving slowly but shouldn't take much longer now. We're closing in on a fast and flexible solution. We'll keep you posted.
    Steam Reviews As you've probably noticed on the Stats Page, our steam reviews are taking a beating at the moment. Our latest changes seem to have been quite well recieved by the majority of people, so we're sure that this is a case of people only writing reviews when they're pissed off.
    Source: https://rust.facepunch.com/blog/devblog-181/

  • Two Factor Authentication FAQ

    Two-Factor Authentication is available for SMITE PC users logging in with a Hi-Rez Launcher Username. Two-Factor will NOT work for players who use Google or Facebook logins.
    Two-Factor Authentication FAQ
    Q. How does Two-Factor Authentication work?
    A. Once you login to the game launcher or one of Hi-Rez’ websites, an authentication code will be sent to you, which you will enter at the authentication page in order to login.
    Q. Why are only some countries receiving SMS support?
    A. Hi-Rez has acquired different local phone numbers for each of the countries listed in question 5 in order to avoid international texting costs for users. Based on usage and demand, additional countries may be added in the future.
    Q. Which Countries have SMS support?
    A. Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, South Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, and the United States
    Q. How do I disable Two-Factor Authentication?
    A. During Early Access testing, Two- Factor Authentication can be disabled by beta users at the Hi-Rez Account page on hirezstudios.com. When Two-Factor Authentication is released publically, there will be a section in the user’s Account on Hi-Rez websites that will allow the player to enable, modify, or disable Two-Factor Authentication.
    Q. What happens if I lose my phone or lose access to my e-mail account?
    A.  During the test, users who lose access to their Two-Factor Authentication method will need to make a Customer Support Ticket. When Two-Factor Authentication is released publicly, there will be an automated process to enable access recovery.
    Original Source: https://www.smitegame.com/news/two-factor-authentication
  • Star Wars : Old Republic

  • Cartel Market Specials: Week of October 3, 2017

    UNRELENTING TERROR: DIRECT SALE ARMOR ONE WEEK ONLY: Tuesday, October 3 - Tuesday, October 10 – 2,100 Cartel Coins
    Battle armor inspired by one of the galaxy’s most legendary Dark Lords. A must-own for any aspiring Sith Warrior.  

    BLACK AND WHITE DYES: DIRECT SALE ARMOR CUSTOMIZATIONS ONE WEEK ONLY: Tuesday, October 3 - Tuesday, October 10 Customize your favorite armor set with distinctive white and black color dyes. Black/Black Dye 2,000 Cartel Coins NOW 1,500 CARTEL COINS White/White Dye 1,000 CARTEL COINS White/Black Dye 1,000 CARTEL COINS Black/White Dye 1,000 CARTEL COINS MARSH HUNTER ACKLAY: DIRECT SALE MOUNT ONE WEEK ONLY: Tuesday, October 3 - Tuesday, October 10 – 2,100 Cartel Coins
    Few beasts are as rare and feared as the wild Acklay. For those who can earn its trust however, this beast has proved to be a fiercely protective ally.  
    OVERCHARGED TUNING: DIRECT SALE WEAPON CUSTOMIZATION ONE WEEK ONLY: Tuesday, October 3 - Tuesday, October 10 – 2,000 Cartel Coins
    Signal your entrance on the battlefield! This customization overrides your weapon’s power core, discharging sparks and flames to keep enemies at bay.  

    Cartel Market Specials: Week of September 19, 2017

    Don the Ruthless Scion battle armor, unbox the popular Warbound Crusader Pack at half off, and more! See what this week has to offer on the Cartel Market:
    RUTHLESS SCION: DIRECT SALE ARMOR ONE WEEK ONLY: Tuesday, September 19 - Tuesday, September 26 – 2,100 Cartel Coins
    Worn only by the most elite and battle-tested of Zakuul’s legendary Scions, a sect of powerful Force-users renowned for their ability to see into the future. WARBOUND CRUSADER: RETURNING ITEM PACK ONE WEEK ONLY: Tuesday, September 19 - Tuesday, September 26 If you missed it the first time, now is your chance to unlock the popular Warbound Crusader Pack – at 50% off normal prices for one week only! Equip the mysterious Enigmatic Hero armor, pilot the Imperial Devastator tank, and wield the Lightsaber of the superweapon Tyth! Warbound Crusader Pack 300 Cartel Coins NOW 150 CARTEL COINS Supercrate: 5 Warbound Crusader Packs 1,500 Cartel Coins NOW 712 CARTEL COINS Hypercrate: 26 Warbound Crusader Packs 7,800 Cartel Coins NOW 3,510 CARTEL COINS
    RIOT CONTROL TUNING: DIRECT SALE WEAPON CUSTOMIZATION ONE WEEK ONLY: Tuesday, September 19 - Tuesday, September 26 – 1,800 Cartel Coins
    Favoured by mercenary groups across the galaxy, this weapon customization emits a powerful electro-static field – a not-so-subtle deterrent for any foe foolish enough to get in your way.